Hello world!

I learned something about myself today.  It takes knitting needles to get me out of bed before 8am on a  Saturday. 

Perhaps that needs an explanation?  We don’t always get post delivered on a Saturday, so when I ordered a set of Denise Interlocking needles on Thursday, I hadn’t thought through the timing of delivery.  Monday is a Bank Holiday, so no chance of delivery then…it looked like I would have to wait until at least Tuesday.  But it turns out this was my lucky week (in this respect at least), because we got post this morning, and as I lay in bed considering whether I could be bothered to drag myself out of bed, or whether I deserved a lay-in, the post-person forced a parcel through the letter box. 

Yay – my needles!  So up I jumped and here I am, having already completed at least half of the chores I’d set myself for today.  Yes, of course I should finish the rest of the chores, but they can wait until later, when A returns from work and can help. 

Some things I should probably share:

  • I’m 33, married (to A), with one house rabbit and a cockatiel;
  • I live in the South West of England;
  • I knit, taught myself about a year ago;
  • I crochet, also self-taught about 6 months ago;
  • I embroider, particularly cross-stitch, started about 18 years ago;
  • I work full time, in data analysis;
  • I have endometriosis.  It hurts.

I have no idea who might read this, or why anyone would waste their time on it, but that said, I myself have a compulsive fascination for other people’s blogs.  Something about other people’s everyday lives is so interesting…perhaps if I just write it without thinking about who’s reading or what they think, I’ll at least get something from it myself.  Self expression is kind of healing/soothing after all. 

Anyway, I’m off to play with my new needles – I mean ‘knit something productive’ of course, not just enjoy putting them together, taking them apart, trying out all the little pieces.  I already know I love them just for that…we’ll see how they are for knitting! 

How do you sign off one of these here messages?  I dunno, I guess ‘Happy Saturday’ will do for today…

Happy Saturday!


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