Rainy Day Sunday

So it’s raining and our usual Sunday activity is impossible at the moment…normally we walk, for miles, anywhere the fancy takes us, but usually within our home town. 

So we have trawled around town instead.  I hate shopping.  I don’t mind shopping for food, but anything else is just soooo boring.  I need some new trousers, having ripped one pair irrepairably (is that a word?  It is now!) and spilt melted butter on another.  Shock horror – melted butter?!  That can’t be good for me, what am I doing melting butter?  Well, I just like butter on stuff…jacket potatoes, pasta, bread, all kinds of stuff needs butter.  In reality I don’t use that much, that often, so it’s not that bad.  Except on trousers of course…where it doesn’t come out.  So i need new trousers, and will have to give in and shop for them soon I guess. 

Today, we went on a mission to buy the Family Guy box set instead.  A wicked extravagance, but we love it and are planning to take it away in June, when we go on holiday with my family. 

This afternoon, our plans include Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on DVD, having watched Temple of Doom and Lost Ark last night.  We haven’t watched a DVD, or film of any format, in months but that seems to be all I have to talk about today! 

Last night I started knitting a top for myself – I never knit anything for myself normally – but I lost count of the pattern and had to scrap it and start again when I realised I was way out at the end of the 7th round.  Ouch!  Damn you Indiana Jones!  Perhaps this is why I don’t knit for myself…I don’t pay the same care and attention I would if I was knitting for someone else, so it never works out so well. 

Anyway, Indy calls…catch you later.


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