Rain again – and reasons to be cheerful

Wow, Wednesday already.  The week is always a bit weird after a Bank Holiday…on the one hand it drags, but at the same time it’s almost over already.  I need to cheer myself up today, so:

Reasons to be happy

  1. I got cherries in the veg box yesterday.  Since we have been getting all our fruit and veg delivered, we don’t buy any from the shops, and treats like cherries don’t come along very often.  Our delivery is all organic, mostly UK grown, and what little is imported is never air freighted.  Mmmm, cherries!
  2. Work are really, really good to me, allowing me to work at home when the pain gets bad, like today.  So I can wear my comfy pajamas, clutch my hot water bottle and dose up on painkillers without thinking about dressing or driving.  And I do work while I’m here – honest!
  3. The rain is outside the house, and I’m inside.  There is a drip in the plastic-roofed lean-to out the back, and one or two of the gutters need mending, but for the most part it’s dry in here and I have no need to go out there.
  4. We’re going on a cruise!  Hooray!  We’re off in July on a cruise to Scandinavia, and I can hardly wait.  We have a family holiday to get through first, which I’m not quite looking forward to.  But Yay!  Cruise! 
  5. Tomorrow is organic meat box day.  Once a month, our supply of meat is delivered by a local farm, and it’s always exciting to see what’s in it.  As with the veg box, we no longer buy meat in supermarkets.  Surprisingly, we don’t seem to spend any more on shopping than we ever did, even though the boxes are expensive.  Our shopping is much more contained, we stick to our list of basics (more or less) and try to meet our own rules.

Rules for Shopping

All items purchased must meet one or more of the following:

  • recyclable/no packaging – in particular no plastic
  • organic
  • fair trade
  • local

It’s difficult to stick to, and we don’t always do so well, but it makes me feel better and cuts down what we spend.  As a side effect, it also cuts out a lot of the processed and junk food we used to eat as it all comes with a guilt price.  This, combined with lots of walking, means I’ve lost weight over the last year or so.  Which is a good thing as I was starting to get really round.  That reminds me, back to my cheerful list:

6.  I’m fitting into some of my old clothes again 🙂

I was planning to include a picture of the ladybird hat I knitted for my friend’s 1 year old, but I can’t access Flickr from the work network and the actual photo file is on my home PC, not my laptop.  I’ll add the picture later, so for now just imagine the cuteness of a little red roll-brim hat with big black spots and two little antenna, aahh, so cute!



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