Lazy Morning, Busy Day

Saturday mornings are mine.  They are the one time of the week when I’m at home alone for several hours with nothing in particular to do.  I often have time here alone in the week, but usually because I’m working at home and so my time is not my own and I must be productive. 

The wonderful A did the majority of the week’s housework yesterday while I was at work, so I’m truly free.  Of course there are loads of things I should do, just none that I mustdo.  So I won’t!  Instead my morning consists of a 1 hour lay-in (not too lazy, I don’t want to waste my entire free morning in bed), a hairwash, an audiobook on the PC and of course my knitting. 

I’ve ripped back 6 or 7 rows of my top, as planned on Thursday when I lost count in the lace pattern and totally screwed up the 3rd lace repeat.  I even knitted a few rows last night as well, so I’m a little happier with it.  I’d really like to catch up to where I started ripping today, but I’ll have no time later so it’ll have to be this morning. 

This afternoon we’re off out for a long, long walk.  Starting with a visit to Old Town to pick up my prescriptions from pharmacy, then a stroll along the old railway line, which is now the most stunning footpath around the edge of the town.  From there we’ll meet up with a section of the restored canal, checking out the progress of all the nesting waterfowl, call in at my baby brother’s, and wander back home.  It’s probably a 3-4 hour walk in total, just right for a Saturday afternoon.  I’m hoping the weather holds out this time – I do not want another drenching, like on Monday. 

When we get back from our work, there’ll be a bit of frantic, last minute cleaning and tidying, as our lovely friends Alan and Kat are coming round for dinner.  They are among the few friends that we see socially, aside from formal occasions like weddings etc, and it’s always lovely to catch up with them.  We’re going for the lazy option this time, and ordering in pizza…and it so does fit our shopping rules…cardboard boxes are fully recyclable!

So, that’s enough from me, I have knitting to do!



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