Gotta Have a Filling

Morning, just a quick post for now cos I’ve got to go to the dentist very soon, for a filling 😦 .  It’s only a little one, but it still involves an injection in my mouth, and I have to go on my own cos A (and just about everyone else who might have held my hand) is at work all day. 

On a brighter note, I’m feeling much better than I was.  Still having wicked hot flushes and not feeling well exactly, but I think the worst of the side effects are moving on. 

Sadly, that means that I must return to work tomorrow.  I’m hoping to get away with working at home tomorrow and going in to the office on Friday, have to phone the boss-man to discuss. 

In knitting news, my top is coming along nicely all of a sudden.  Last night I finished the front and started the back, having finished with the lace pattern completely – hoorah!  I even tried it on once I’d completed the front.  I think it will fit.  Maybe. 

So, I’d better go…put in the phone call to work and get myself a bus to the dentist. 


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