I finished my knitted top!

It’s the first garment-type-thing I’ve ever made.  Most of my stuff is small, gimmicky, not time-consumingand not expensive.  This time I went out looking for yarn and paid full price for it…I suppose this top works out to about £12 in  yarn, which isn’t that bad.

It’s also the first time I’ve ever knitted (or made using any craft) anything for myself.  Everything I make is usually for someone’s birthday or christmas present, for a new baby or a wedding…or for other people to give as gifts to their friends and family.  I have felt really guilty about the time I’ve been ‘wasting’ on something that’s for me…how selfish am I?  I could have made several new baby gifts in the time I’ve spent on this. 

Then I finished it, and tried it on, and I love it.  So much so that I’m even going to try inserting a photo of it:

Top for me!

So, self-esteem issues aside, I might even make something else for myself occasionally. 

By the way, I’ve been meaning to say, I love love love the Denise interchangeable needle set that got me out of bed two weeks ago.  They are so much easier to use than I expected, so versatile, I’d recommend them to anyone. 

This will probably be my last post for a week or so, as we’re off on holiday with my family next week.  We’re going to North Devon with my Mum, her partner G, my baby bro and his wife.  I have concerns about the whole plan, as one of the group has control issues and we will be dragged around in their wake the whole time.  If we were 5 year olds we’d probably love it, but I’m not going swimming, I hate bingo, do not want to go bowling and have no intention of body-boarding in the sea.  Also, I can’t drink and the focus of his life is alcohol. 

Hmm, I’ve probably given away too much already, hope he never reads this! 

Right, I’m going to put some washing in the machine then settle down to the Count of Monte Cristo and my knitting.  I’ve started a new project by the way…making a hat for a baby.  There are so many babies due in our immediate circle of friends/family that I’veno idea which one will get which gift at this stage.  I guess is depends on the order they arrive in, and their genders.  In the meantime I’ll keep knitting!


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