Off to work…

Morning.  Notice I just say ‘Morning’ and not ‘good morning’.  I rarely say ‘good morning’, it just sticks in my throat…by definition, morning cannot be good.  Apart from mornings where there is good news or interesting post, those are good. 

Anyway, time is short, I have a train to catch.  I’m working in Bristol today as I have a 1:1 catch-up type thingy with the boss-man.  I’m completely unprepared for it as I’ve only worked about 2 days in the last 2.5 weeks.  Oops!

Details about the family holiday to follow, suffice to say it wasn’t our holiday and it wasn’t particularly relaxing.  We did get a few days in Westward Ho! afterwards, which is our favourite place, but only because A was ill. 

We eventually got home on Sunday, spent all day yesterday catching up with the lovely people who looked after our pets (thanks Sandra and Mar!), wading through mountains of washing and apologising to my Dad for missing Father’s Day.  I have 3 brothers, 2 step-brothers and a step-sister, so that might not have been so bad…but of course only one of them made contact with him on the day. 

On a happy note, there was a letter from our electricity company waiting for us when we got back – we’re getting a £200 rebate as we’ve paid them too much over the last year 🙂 .

And so, as previously discussed…work awaits.


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