So, about that holiday

I guess it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  There were a few tantrum moments (not me), a very homesick hour or so (me), several very nice dinners (mmmm) and lots of sunshine.  We found a new ‘one of our favourites’ restaurant we had never been to before.  There, sounds okay, right?  Perhaps we should leave it there. 

Westward Ho! was lovely as usual.  Also very sunny.  Also some good meals, once A was over his sickness.  We even got to our favourite restaurant in the world ever, Potwallopers.  As always, the food was amazing and the service just right.  We’ve never been disappointed with a single dish in that place, long may it reign!

By the way, I’m posting again today because it turns out there weren’t any trains through Swindon this morning…none at all.  So I couldn’t get to Bristol for my 1:1 and spent half the day in the office instead.  I’m now officially working at home, running reports via a remote connection and waiting for the database to re-populate itself.  Doesn’t that sound like a lovely insult?  Re-populate yourself!

In knitting news, I have completed 3 lace repeats of my lacy cardigan.  It’s lovely yarn, not too complicated a pattern and seems to be working well.  But it’s slow progress so far.  I’ve also made a start on a sundress for a baby.  I’m not sure whose baby as yet…depends who has the next girl after I complete it.

Which brings me nicely to baby news – we have a new niece!  A’s sister had a baby girl at 9 this morning.  No name or details as yet, but yay!  Also, I heard today that Chloe from work had her baby last week, Maya.  Again, Yay!  Congratulations to all the parent-people involved, and a big hug to newly-promoted big brother Liam.  Once more, Yay!


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