On top of the world, looking down on creation

Now, why do I have such a cheerful, upbeat Carpenters song in my head?  I’m not feeling particularly cheerful…quite glum in fact.   It’s pouring with rain, I have work to do, got a pain and can’t seem to wake up properly.  So where has that come from?

Never mind, I’ll just keep singing it to myself, maybe it will improve my mood. 

Also to improve my mood…ten reasons to be cheerful:

  1. I got cherries in the veg box this week 🙂
  2. I own all of the music in my head today, so I don’t have to go searching for obscure songs…so far, it is Terrorvision, Warm Jets and of course the Carpenters.  I did say obscure!
  3. I had three chunks of Toblerone left, for after my lunch
  4. My friend Iain from Liverpool contacted me – we lost touch several years ago
  5. We now have 13 nieces and nephews, with more on the way
  6. I can work at home when I need to
  7. We can afford all of our bills, despite rising prices
  8. We’re going on holiday again, in just over 3 weeks
  9. I should get my annual bonus from work at the end of July
  10. I got cheques in the post this morning, from our private dental insurance policy.

An irritating number of those reasons are about money, which is not good.  But at least I could find ten without much of a struggle. 

Oh, and some more:

  1. 12 people rated my knitted top as a favourite on Ravelry, and one left the loveliest comment
  2. Next week is meat box week.  Again!  Already!
  3. We got scrapey new potatoes in the veg box this week, haven’t had those for almost a year.  this seasonal thing is great.
  4. We got almost all of the mountain of washing from last week’s holiday(s) dried on the washing line, before the rain started. 

On a down side, I’m now getting some of the longer-term side-effects of the hormone drug I’m taking.  Most noticeable at the moment is the horrible greasy skin, complete with really ugly big spots.  I’m back to my teenage/early twenties routine of cleanse/tone/moisturise twice a day, which is a drag.  I’d been getting by with just washing my face daily instead, but it’s just not enough now.  I’m getting through a lot of cotton wool pads, which just isn’t good enough, so I need a plan to replace them with something reusable.  At the moment I’m considering cutting up old clothes to make small facecloth type things.  Or maybe I could knit some small squares, if I use the right yarn.  I’ll experiment and see what works. 

At least I’m over the hot flushes, dizziness and feeling sick.  Just waiting to see what comes next!

When A finishes work later, we’ve planned a quick trip to a supermarket to buy pretty, girly clothes for our new niece, then we’ll hopefully be able to visit the new arrival.  If we’re lucky, they’ll be home from hospital and ready for visitors.  This is our first niece on A’s side of the family, where we already have three nephews, so I’m sure she’ll wrap all of us around her little finger and be thoroughly spoiled.  Which is what girls are for, right? 

I’ve crocheted a blanket for baby, in colours chosen by A…I’ll try to get a photo of baby with blanket to post up at some point.  No promises though, when I remember to take my camera anywhere with me I generally forget to use it.  Then I’m a bit challenged with photography.  And there’s the technical difficulty of transferring pictures, uploading, making them show where/how I want…you get the idea. 


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