Relegated to the library

There’s football on this evening, so I’ve been relegated to the library.  That sounds like we have a rather grand house…in actual fact it’s a two bed mid-terrace, but we’ve turned the second bedroom into a library. 

I love my library! 

It’s full of books, which I love.  It houses all my knitting, cross-stitch and other craft supplies, which I love.  It has no television, which is good.  The computer is up here, but it kind of fits in and days like this it comes in useful so I’m not complaining.  We have just two comfy chairs, each with a footstool.  It’s a place for relaxation, and every single day in our house ends with at least half an hour of reading in the library.  That could be War and Peace (which I have read but didn’t enjoy much) or just a newspaper or magazine.  It’s where I spend most of my luxury lone-time on Saturdays, and where I hide when I’m sad.  I even took pictures of the views form my chair!

This one is the craft corner.  the cupboard is crammed full of lovely things, as is the coffee table which is always a mess of works in progress.  The knitting stuff has even spilled over onto a bookcase in this area!

The other angle from my chair is full of bookcases.  There are two more bookcases in the corner behind my chair, too. 

I read a lot, did you guess?

Our new baby niece is still ‘Baby’, she has no name as yet.  We went to meet her last night, but doofus that I am, I forgot to even take the camera with me.  Photos another day!

For now then, it’s back to the lace cardigan and the baby sundress, neither of which is progressing very quickly at all.  Perhaps it’s becuase I’m working on two things at once?  I don’t normally.  I’m already lining up my next few projects though, getting excited about facecloths, another cardi and yet another attempt at socks.  I don’t know why I keep trying with the socks – I start them so often then either something goes wrong, they don’t work out or I just plain don’t like them and I rip them right out and start something else.

Oh yes, I just remembered, I had a wicked moment this afternoon and ordered a lucky dip bag of five balls of yarn.  So naughty!  So exciting!  So sad!


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