Hoorah!  Today is veg box day!  The boxes have just arrived, and they look good.  For the first time, I’ve ditched the fruit bag (3 items) in favour of a fruit box (5 items), as I’ve been running out.  A doesn’t eat fruit – any fruit – so the fruit is all mine. 

A typical fruit bag contained about 6 apples, five or six pears and a small melon.  Or a tray of cherries.  Or 4 large oranges.  You get the picture.  I eat the apples cut into small pieces on top of my breakfast cereal, and sometimes other things the same way.  One of my favourite snacks is a plate of fruit, just washed and cut into slices/pieces.  At the moment, what with the constant hunger that is a side-effect of the tablets I’m taking, this could save me a lot of weight gain as it keeps me away from the crisps.  It doesn’t work for chocolate, but hey – no-one’s perfect, right?

So, the fruit box: a bunch of bananas, a galia melon, a punnet of apricots, apples and…drum roll please…British strawberries.  I love strawberries, but only in season, and the British ones are best.  Eating food that is in season makes strawberries (amongst many other things) a rare treat, which I really look forward to. 

The veg box also looks good, although it won’t impress A this week.  As well as the usuals (potatoes, onions and carrots) we have broad beans, lettuce and courgette, of which A will only eat the broad beans.  He doesn’t like salad and courgette is too much like cucumber, which he really, really hates.  I can’t say that strongly enough, he cannot abide it.  If we eat out and there is a salad garnish on his plate, I always extract any green evil as quickly and quietly as possible, so he isn’t in danger of accidentally touching it. 

Apart from the excitement that is veg box delivery day (how sad that after a year I’m still so excited about it), I’m not doing so well today.  I woke up full of cold, sweaty and shaking, with a lovely headache and the usual pains as well.  I phoned in sick.  That at least means that for the portion of the day that I can stay awake, I’m free to read, knit, watch bad television, ramble on about veg and lay around in my dressing gown looking pale and ill.  Which might be easier if people didn’t keep complimenting me on my healthy tan!  Damn walking and outdoors!

On the knitting front, I’m really not happy about my lacy cardi.  It’s going okay, but I don’t think I like it.  And I don’t think it’s going to fit.  A thinks I should finish it and then decide, as I’ve already spent hours on it.  But I’m concerned that it still needs hours more work to get it to the point where I can make that decision.  Should I quit now?  Might pose that one on a Ravelry forum, if it hasn’t already been asked a million times. 

I’m much happier with my baby sundress.  I finally got the straight-forward knit, knit, knit part finished last night, did some pleats using a cable needle (new technique!) and moved onto the waistband and bodice. 

Finally, I had another naughty moment yesterday, and might have, you know, accidentally, ordered a set of lovely lovely knit picks dpn’s from Get Knitted.  Unintentionally, of course.  Didn’t mean to.  But they were so pretty, they looked at me so sadly, as if they just need a good home for their lives to be complete. 

Yeah right, what I mean is that I REALLY wanted them, so I ordered them.  I can’t get anything like that locally, all the needles are dull, plain metal ones.  And there isn’t much option for yarn either, it’s very rare to find anything handspun, or hand-dyed for example. 

So I have decided that Get Knitted must be my LYS (local yarn store), as it stocks so much lovely stuff.  And as it is based in Bristol, where most of my team is based so I visit regularly, it isn’t far away.  Next time I’m in Bristol, I shall go on a mission to find it. 

I reckon it must be time for knitting/audiobook relaxation now.  Catch you later.


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