I finished my baby sundress yesterday afternoon.  It’s pretty, but I don’t know who it is for…depends on who next has a baby girl! 

I’ve given up on the lacy cardigan I was making for myself.  I just don’t like it enough.  I wasn’t enjoying knitting it and wasn’t even convinced I’d ever wear it.  What was I thinking?  I wear big baggy freakish cardigans, not fitted, neat, pretty cardigans!  I particularly focus on anything brightly coloured or stripey, so why I thought I should knit an elegant, neat cardi I have no idea.  Never mind, it’s frogged now. 

I have a couple of ideas for what to make next.  Firstly, I’m going back to my face-wipe idea, to replace the cotton wool pads I’ve been using to apply/remove cleanser and toner to my face.  I’ve made a sample in leftover cotton yarn, tried it out last night and it seemed to work okay.  It’s in the wash now…we’ll see how it comes out and whether I need to adjust the pattern at all.  Of course, these face wipes will also need a little bag or basket to live in…

Also on the to do list is the pair of socks I promised to A when I ordered sock yarn.  They are on hold at the moment as I really want to use the new dpn’s I have on order.  Hopefully they will turn up very soon.

I’ve got a shawl in mind, using either some pretty purple sparkly stuff or the ivory merino I bought for the doomed cardigan.  I’ve also got another (crocheted) cardi pattern in mind.  Now I just have to decide which yarn suits which pattern and get something started.

Really, I should finish the cross-stitch project I’m part way through.  It’s a wedding present for our friends, but the wedding isn’t until August so I’m delaying.  Worryingly, there is a second wedding, also in August, which I haven’t started anything for yet.  I’ve got ideas, but it’ll probably end up being a custom design. 

Anyway, back to the stitchery.


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