“I’ve seen NCIS – they sharpen things”

I had to use that particular quote in the title today.  I promised A, whose statement it is.  The exact circumstance leading to the statement is already lost in a fog of memory, but the statement itself stands out in my memory as one of the funniest things I’ve heard for a while. 

The background is that we both love the TV series NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), and watch each new episode religiously.  It’s one of very few programmes that we watch regularly, and probably the only one that we’d miss a real life event for. 

This week we re-watched an episode where one man tried to kill another using a sharpened comb.  He was foiled of course, by the NCIS team. 

Hmm, perhaps we should get out more. 

I’ve got an appointment with the doctor-man this afternoon, gonna list all my many side-effects, see what he says.  I don’t know whether I’d rather stop taking the tablets, or give them a bit longer and keep hoping for that miracle.  If I stop taking them, I have to jump through the ‘refer to consultant, wait for appointment, spend forever in a waiting room, see yet another different consultant, get no say in whatever happens next, wait for another prescription to work/wait for surgery’ hoops all over again.  But the drugs don’t work, they just make things worse.  Wow, is today turning into Quote Friday?  Looks like it.

At least it is Friday.  Two days off.  Sadly, that’s two days in which I can get screwed up about having to go to Leicester on Monday.  The meeting starts at 11am, so I have to catch a train at 6.58am!  Seriously, anything with a 6 in it, that refers to morning rather than evening, is totally wrong.  I struggle to cope with the rather lazy 7.40am I usually attempt on weekdays.  It’s typical, because A normally gets up at 5.30am when he works, as he starts at 6.30, but he doesn’t work Mondays.  So instead of me ignoring his early start, he’ll be ignoring mine!  As if Mondays weren’t bad enough, I know I’m not going to let go of the worry and stress of it all weekend. 

Even worse, the meeting is planned to go on until 4pm, so I’ll be lucky to get home before 8pm.  Really, I don’t know how I’d ever cope as a consultant or a commuter.  I thought about asking for a lay in/work at home day on Tuesday, to make up for it…but I have to go to Bristol for a team meeting.  Next week is going to be soooo loooong. 

The good news is, if I have to go to Bristol, I might be able to get to the wonderful Get Knitted, which so far I have only managed to visit in internet-world.  I don’t think A, or our bank balance, will see this as good news though 😉 .

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