Back from the land of Travel-to-work

I’m tired, and I have the beginning of a beautiful headache starting, but I made it through the travel-to-work nightmare.  Seriously, I couldn’t commute far or regularly. 

Monday was a long, long day, starting from home at 6.30am and getting home at 7.30pm.  I know that other people do this stuff all the time, every day, but I don’t and for a good reason – I just can’t stand it.  Sure, it’s good knitting time, but it’s also dreary sitting-on-a-train time and stressful will-I-make the next connection time. 

Anyway, Tuesday was also spent out of my usual surroundings, in Bristol.  I didn’t even get to visit the knitting shop I was hoping to find, as our team meeting over-ran and it turned out that the knitting shop is a good hour’s walk away from the office.  Humph. 

Today I have been into my own office for the morning and come home for the afternoon so I can take the painkillers I badly need.  The more active I am, the more pain I get. 

So, I don’t really have much news I don’t think…haven’t had chance to do anything, talk to anyone for a few days.  Here goes anyway…


  • Our baby niece has a name – Amy Louise, very pretty;
  • My Mum’s toilet is broken;
  • It’s raining, and forecast to continue all week;
  • this week’s fruit box included bananas, apples, melon, strawberries and peaches.

In knitting news, I’m plodding along on my first ever shawl.  It’s going well, but as the row lengths gradually increase, it takes longer and longer to see any progress.  But I’m enjoying it,m and it’s certainly pretty so far.

I’m also making progress on the sock I’ve started for A.  I’ve got further than I ever have before, and fully intend to finish it…and another to go with it!  A has already made a request for a second pair with skulls on.  He spent several weeks questioning why I needed to make something we usually buy anyway, but has now caught on and is making a list!

Speaking of A, he will be a half-happy bunny when he gets home from work later.  One of the two T-shirts he ordered has arrived.  I say half-happy, because the other one hasn’t turned up yet.  Also, he’ll be wet, cos of having to walk home in the rain, cos I can’t drive to pick him up after taking the painkillers.  But at least one T-shirt is here. 

One of my plans for this evening involves browsing the internet for a new audio-book, having finished the Count of Monte Cristo on the train yesterday.  I’ll miss the Count…must find a replacement.  Maybe I should join the library. 

Oh well, my report has just finished running, back to work.


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