One of THOSE days

It’s going well so far:

  • I can’t use software 1, due to a connection problem.  The issue is currently with the ‘help’desk.
  • I can’t use software 2 consistently, it keeps failing with a variety of errors.
  • The local network will be disabled this afternoon, to allow servers to be moved.
  • My head is aching again, as I haven’t taken a painkiller for nearly 24 hours so I have paracetamol withdrawal issues.
  • The office is so hot and stuffy it feels like I’m breathing water.

Apart from that, Hi!  How are you?  Hope you and yours are well and happy?  Leave me a comment, say hello.  If anyone even reads this thing.

Who cares, I like to write it, audience is optional. 

Welcome to Friday.  I usually like Fridays, they are peaceful, quiet and easy.  They are short (only by half an hour, but still).  They are the start of the weekend. 

So, time to improve my mood…the weekend:

  • knitting
  • cross-stitch
  • audiobook – I’ve just started the phantom of the opera and it’s gripping
  • walking

Of course, there’s also housework, but that can be done as quickly as possible to make more time for the knitting and walking.  But not both at the same time.  I have heard of people who do both together, but that sounds like a certain route to injury to me.  I’m far too clumsy for waving sharp sticks and lengths of string around while putting one foot in front of the other and looking where I’m going.  I don’t want to waste my precious weekend at the hospital, thanks all the same.  Although I’ll happily waste it on Ravelry 😉 .

I really don’t think there’s much more planned than that.  We have to find A’s sister, ask her to look after Bunny while we’re away on our cruise.  Which is only a week from tomorrow!  I can’t believe how quickly that has come around.  It’s suddenly very soon, and quite scary.

Perhaps this weekend would be a good time to join the library.  I could look at audiobooks for a start.  Mind you, the library is a scary place these days, from what I’ve heard.  It’s all technology driven.  I’m no technophobe, can handle a computer well enough, not scared by stuff like that, but in the library?!  I really should just go and see.  What have I got to lose?


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