Whether the weather will let us…

All of our plans for today have been altered by the weather.  I suspect there may be some mischievous, dare I say it spiteful, weather gods out there at the moment.  We wanted to go for a long, luxury walk today.  Not to anywhere, not for anything.  Just for the luxury of walking for hours, talking, holding hands, us time. 

It rained.

So we decided instead that we would at least have to dash to the local shops to get some milk, as we had none.  The sun shone and we were able to walk to the supermarket and back – 4 times as far as the local shops.

We took advantage of the sunshine to go for a stroll, not the long walk planned originally, but an hour or two of fresh air.  It rained.

We turned around and started walking home again, and decided to get a bit of housework done.  The sun shone.

Is the theme becoming apparent?

We did the housework, discussed a shopping trip to town.  It rained.

We dared to mention the possibility of going out for dinner…didn’t even agree to do it…it rained.

We talked about cooking a simple pasta bake…sunshine.

What is going on here?!  What sort of weather pixies are these?!

Goodness knows what would happen if we started planning something truly awful.  It doesn’t bear thinking about.  We briefly considered an afternoon nap, but our roof would probably get hit by lightning or something worse!

Anyway, weather rant over, the weekend is nearly over too.  I didn’t do very much yesterday, spent the morning knitting/cross-stitching as planned.  We went shopping in the afternoon, pretty much stuck to our list of necessities.  Sadly though, the £6.25 bottle of facial toner I treated myself to leaked all over the shopping bag, all the way home.  Luckily, nothing else in the bag was damaged, even though we had dangerous things like a solid bubble bath block (love you, Lush).  I could just picture us walking all the way home with a mad frothing trail of bubbles floating in our wake!  But no, nothing of the sort, we made it home safely but only half of the toner did.

We were daring enough for an afternoon nap yesterday – the weather gods didn’t get us, but someone was surely watching.  The phone rang twice, and an alarm went off once in the space of an hour. 

So here we are at Sunday afternoon.  I think we will go out for dinner, just to a (nearly) local pub.  They serve just good enough meals at a reasonable price, in comfortable surroundings.  It’s close enough to walk to, and far enough away that the walk home burns off a few calories afterwards. 

This evening is new season NCIS on FX (so exciting), knitting and probably Toblerone. 

Tomorrow is back to work for another week.  Luckily we have a local system shutdown about mid-morning, for a few hours, so I can work at home all day.  I still have to work, but I can do it in my pyjamas…what could be better!


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