A New Challenge and a New Petticoat

I set myself a new challenge last night, to start this morning.  And I achieved it, for today anyway.  I tend to get to the end of most evenings and resent having to firstly stop knitting for time reading in the library, and then stop reading for bed.  I feel cheated, like I haven’t got the most out of my day.  It occurred to me last night that this could be because I lose so much time in the mornings.  I get out of bed with just enough time to eat breakfast, wash, dress, brush my hair and clean my teeth before I leave for work.  If anything happens to disrupt that simple routine, I am late for work. 

Loads of other people, A included, get up much earlier than my lazy 7.45am, stay up just as late at night and have more time in their day.  Can I get up earlier?  Not usually!

So last night I promised myself that if I got up half an hour earlier, I could have that half an hour for knitting.  Guess what, it worked! 

I don’t suppose it’s really news that knitting can get me out of bed – twice recently I’ve managed to get up early for knitting supplies delivered by the postman, and on Saturdays as well!  I’m just surprised that I did it.  I don’t get up earlier than I have to, I’m lazy and love my bed too much.  Of course, to make sure I got to work on time I did the ‘getting up’ routine before sitting down to knit.  And I set an alarm to remind me when it was time to leave, in case I got carried away. 

The challenge is on for tomorrow – bet I can’t do it again!

On a totally different topic, while shopping at the weekend, I found myself buying a petticoat.  I haven’t owned such a thing since I was a child.  I remember my nan always wore a petticoat, every day, as an essential undergarment.  Except on the rare occasions when she wore trousers, of course.  I haven’t even given a thought to such a thing in years, until I tried on the new skirt I bought while we were on holiday in Woolacombe in June.  Luckily my sister-in-law pointed out that she could see my knickers…before we left for the fancy restaurant!  So my new skirt has been languishing in my wardrobe, alongside the pretty skirt my Mum gave me (also see-through against the light), waiting for a petticoat companion. 

Hoorah!  Now I can wear my pretty skirts.  Shockingly, I also discovered recently that one of the skirts that I wore over and over a few summers ago is also transparent against the light as well!  Oh well, now I can wear it again, confident I’m not displaying anything I wouldn’t want to show off in public. 

And on that note…back to work.


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