Challenge abandoned…for now!

I’m just not destined to get up early.  I’m no good at it.  The get-up-half-an-hour-early challenge has completely fallen by the wayside, after I accomplished it just once.  Rubbish!  I have managed to a) get up at least 10 minutes earlier than usual and b) get up, every day this week.  That’s good going in itself. 

I’ve almost finished my lace shawl…left it blocking last night, now I just have to weave in the ends (should I have done that before blocking?) and it’s done!  In time to take away on the cruise, which is perfect.  I’m back to socks.  The pair I had started for A are coming along nicely.  I’ve finished the first one, and made a start on the second one.   Hoorah!  I’ve printed out a few interesting looking patterns to take away, figuring it would be easy to knit socks while travelling and on the boat.  I’ve got the remaining 4 balls of Lana Grossa to play with, and my lovely set of DPN’s, so all I need then is my usual bag of tricks.  Which contains:

  • snips (small, pointy scissor-like implement, with a cover to prevent accidental snipping)
  • needle case with 3 different sized needles (tapestry/sewing rather than knitting)
  • string of safety pins, for use as stitch markers, row markers etc
  • ruler (yes, I should buy a tape measure, but I already have a ruler and it does the same job in most cases)
  • cable needle.  I’d like to try cabling without a cable needle, but until I’m sure I get it I’ll carry this as back-up.

It sounds like a lot, but all fits in a bag big enough to hold the yarn and needles, while remaining small and portable.  The safety pins are my favourite bit of kit…they are versatile, useful, easy to find and use and belonged to my Nan.  Every time I look through Nan’s sewing box for something, I find yet another string of safety pins, so she obviously had the same high opinion of them as I do!

I’m sorry I hadn’t started knitting before Nan died.  She had a reasonable collection of knitting stuff, and I could have made good use of it now – she’d have loved that. 

So…the holiday is nearly upon us.  Suddenly it has stopped being scary and become really, really exciting.  I can’t wait!  I’ve got to work until lunchtime, then I’m officially working from home this afternoon.  Although, I have unofficial permission to spend the time at home on packing and getting ready to go.  The boss-man is a friendly man sometimes.  Usually, to be fair.  I don’t even have to feel guilty about it after that 13 hour trip to Leicester last week. 

So, packing, last minute shopping (isn’t there always something?), delivering Billy (the cockatiel) to A’s Mum, fussing the rabbit and reassuring him we will return, tidying the house…and getting excited!

We’re off tomorrow morning, so I don’t plan to post again until at least Saturday evening, maybe not even then.  I’ll take the camera, try to get a few pictures…but don’t count on it! 

So for now, au revoir!

(Lots of exclamation marks!  Can you tell I’m excited?!)


One Response to “Challenge abandoned…for now!”

  1. Judith Says:

    I always weave in ends before I block but leave them loose and only snip them off after it is all dry and even then give it a good tug to make sure they will not come loose. This, to me, seems to help the yarn ends “stick” together like a mini felt though I know others who leave it till after blocking. Personal choice or what you are used to. I am sure it will look fine whatever method you use.

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