What do you mean…make my own dinner?

Seriously, the service on this boat has really deteriorated over the last two days.  I was thoroughly enjoying the 24 hour room service, 6 course dinners in the restaurant, cabin-dude who cleaned up after us, promenade deck for strolling around, cocktails in the bar…and a whole lot more luxury.  And yet now I find that I have to do everything for myself again.  That’s so disappointing!

Honestly though, we have just had the loveliest holiday ever.  It was so totally relaxing, I think the subject of work only came up once the entire time, and that was just a quick moan about having to return. 

I’ve only got a few photos to show for it, being predictably rubbish with the camera, and I can’t even put those up now as they are on my home PC and I’m currently on the work laptop.  They will follow though, promise.

What is there to tell?  Here is a list of all the things which were lovely:

  • the boat
  • the food
  • the cocktails
  • the places we visited
  • the promenade deck
  • the fun of dressing up for formal night
  • having a cabin-dude to keep the room tidy and clean
  • watching the boat-rope-dudes unhooking (technical term) the ropes from the dock
  • the organised walk around the deck to raise money for a breast cancer charity
  • the room service
  • sleeping in the afternoon

And lots more, of course.

I’ll keep some details to include in future posts, let’s just say it was lovely.

On the knitting front, I wore my finished shawl on formal night, over my pretty dress and it was lovely and warm, plus comfortable and pretty.  I also got a lot of knitting done on A’s socks, which I finally finished last night. 

The best news of all was that I found not one, but two yarn shops on the same side-street in Copenhagen!  That was not a cheap shopping trip!  Again, I have photos of all of this, but they will have to follow.

So, today it was back to work.  Nothing new or interesting to report at home.  The bunny-dog missed us, still hasn’t got over our desertion and is clinging to our heels all the time.  My great-aunt died last week, so Mum has been up to Yorkshire for her funeral.  My friend’s dog had a tumour removed but will not need any further treatment.

Tomorrow and Weds my friend and colleague from the Devon & Cornwall office is visiting me here, so it’ll be nice to have some company from my won team.  It’s always fun to catch up with T, we have a laugh.  And some work might get done as well. 

The boss-man is also visiting on Weds, to talk to both of us about various things, then Mum has two hospital appointments in the afternoon. 

It’s our step-niece’s birthday this week too, so it’ll be a busy one.

More baby news – my brother’s ex-wife (and my friend) had her third baby last weekend, a little girl called Lili Lorna.  We popped in with gifts yesterday, and she is so pretty, just like her sister Madi. 

Anyway, back to work…the more money I earn, the more we can save, and the sooner we can get back on that boat!


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