Monday already?

That’s another weekend over, at breakneck speed as usual.  Despite the fact that today is Monday, I’m not working.  The pain that has tormented me all weekend is only just receding, so I’m faced with the task of learning to live without the painkiller smog yet again.  With it comes the ‘lack of painkiller headache’. 

But enough whinging, I’ll get over it, I just need a day to deal with it. 

I spent almost the entire weekend cross-stitching.  I have done very little cross-stitch for a long time now, but on Friday night I realised that our friend Tim’s wedding is next weekend and I had not made a single stitch towards his present at that point.  Hadn’t even got a design, in fact. 

So on Saturday I put away the knitting (but…my socks!) and spent the morning working out how I wanted it to look and designing something I could hopefully stitch in a week or less.  Of course, to make it more complicated, Tim and his fiancee live in New Zealand.  They are getting married here, but then have to travel back at some point in the near future…so picture frames are out. 

I’ve put together a design, using Maori symbols and a Maori wdding blessing.  I’ve charted it and started stitching it.  In fact, so much time have I already spent on it, I’d have finished last night if I hadn’t run out of one of the thread colours. 

I’m not going to post a picture until it’s finished, as it won’t look right.  Also, not until after the wedding…just in case. 

Last night (due to the lack of thread aforementioned) I did get an hour and a bit to knit my socks.  Just enough to realise that they are way too small, never going to fit me.  So I ripped.  And started them again.  There was something weird going on with my gauge, somehow.  I’m not normally a tight knitter (or a loose knitter for that matter), but somehow the socks were totally different to the swatch I’d knitted before I started.  I have no idea why, but hopefully moving up two needle sizes and reminding myself to relax will help. 

Anyway, what does this week bring?

  • fruit and veg boxes today (hooray!)
  • meeting with Judith to knit tomorrow
  • a visit from the very pregnant Rachel at work on Thursday
  • a drive to Hertfordshire on Friday, for Tim’s wedding on Saturday.

It will be quite a busy one.


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