Is it foggy in here? And really, really hot?

I can’t believe it is now Thursday afternoon.  I’m struggling to cope with how fast the days and weeks are passing me by at the moment.  The painkillers aren’t helping, with the foggy haze in my head.  Neither are the hormone drugs, with the hot flushes.  And through it all, the pain is there, worse than ever.

But still, life goes on, and I WILL live it as best I can. 

I didn’t make it to work until Wednesday this week, and then I worked at home all day.  I got in to the office this morning, and stayed until lunchtime, which is progress.

On Tuesday, I spent lunchtime in the coffee shop at our local Borders (mmm…hot chocolate), meeting a lovely lady named Judith, who has just recently moved to Swindon.  Judith found me through Ravelry, and contacted me to find out whether I knew of any knitting groups in the area.  The only one she had found herself meets in the evening, which didn’t suit.  I don’t know of any either, in fact don’t know any other knitters, so couldn’t help.  I did suggest meeting up and trying to find others who might like to join in with a lunchtime group. 

We didn’t actually do any knitting on Tuesday, as the coffee shop wasn’t the best environment, but we talked knitting, showed each other our current projects, and generally got to know a bit about each other. 

It was lovely to talk to someone who knows what I’m talking about.  And so good to compare projects, equipment, yarn and yarn shops.  Hopefully we’ll meet again, and try to find other people to join in too. 

Tomorrow we’re off to Hertfordshire for a friend’s wedding.  I have to stay off the painkillers tomorrow until we get there (I’m the only driver in our car), then all day Saturday as our hotel, the wedding and the reception are in different places, and on Sunday until we get home.  A’s mum is coming with us, and another of our friends is also coming in our car.  We’ve arranged the rabbit-and-house sitter, just got to do something about the cockatiel. 

But for now, more painkillers, shopping, ironing, packing…nothing new!

eta – the rabbit is snoring, really loudly, right by my feet.  Freak!


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