Do you want the bad news….

…or the really dreadful news?  Sorry, there is no good news. 

The bad news – I washed my pretty blue skirt on Thursday, to take away today for Tim’s wedding tomorrow.  I know I left it late, but figured I’d get away with it if I draped it across a radiator and put the heating on.  There are so many things wrong there, I’m not even going to try to justify it. 

I got up this morning, to find the skirt still damp.  Hmmm.  I put the heating on again. 

I went back to it two hours later, still slightly damp, but I decided that as it needed ironing anyway, that would be fine.  Ha!  There are not one, not two, but three stains on the hemline of that damn skirt! 

So I’ll wear something else to Tim’s wedding, didn’t want that one anyway. 

After some thought, I realised there was something wrong with that scenario…why would the skirt, which is fairly thin cotton, need that long on a hot radiator to dry properly?  So I investigated. 

Yep, that radiator wasn’t hot.  Neither were any of the others.  Was the heating switched on?  Yes.  Was the water hot?  Yes.  Was the heating working?  Big fat NO! 

Our heating system is very old and a bit grumbly, but has never let us down before.  I shouldn’t complain.  But where the hell are we going to get enough money to fix or replace it?! 

I want to cry. 

Instead I’m going to run errands around town for an hour or so, then drive halfway across the country with a car full of people and be sociable for two days.  Without the aid of painkillers.  Wish me luck!

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