How odd is that?

So we went to our friend’s wedding, which went really well.  We drove home again, in torrential rain almostall the way.  We dropped off our passengers and collected the cockatiel.  We came home, ready to face the nightmare of a broken heating system (I know it’s summer so we don’t actually need it now, but think ahead people!).  Switched on the heating, just to check, before hitting things with hammers.  It worked!  First time!  Perhaps all it needed was a weekend off.  Still, we’re now frantically saving against the day that it does pack up completely. 

The wedding was lovely.  A was an usher, and found he had lots of work to do, even though the groom had told him it would be none at all.  A’s Mum had a lovely time, despite the recurring cough which is making it difficult to talk at the moment.  I….coped.  I’m not good at social situations, especially with large crowds like that, but I think I did okay.  I wasn’t utterly miserable the whole time, which is an improvement on my usual social experience. 

Worryingly, the pain is still really bad, got worse over the weekend to the point where the painkillers didn’t have much effect.  I didn’t go to work yesterday or this morning and I’ve got an appointment with the doctor this afternoon. 

Not much knitting news…I finished 1 sock and started the other, but haven’t got very far as yet.  I’ve also started an evening bag, which I’d like for the next wedding, in two weeks.  I couldn’t find a pattern I liked (although I didn’t look very far) so I’m making one up.  Should be interesting! 

I finished Tim’s wedding present in plenty of time to take it with me at the weekend.  I’ll find the photo I took and post it up, as I’m really pleased with how it turned out…just can’t remember what I did with the picture.  I’ve now started cross-stitching something for Alan and Kat’s wedding present.  I had started a while ago, but it just isn’t them enough, so I’m designing something new. 

Other news:

  • I bought new work shoes, and a pair of sandals for the next wedding;
  • Billy (cockatiel) has lost (or pulled) all his long wing feathers.  It could be a moult, or it could be stress.  He’s very subdued, so he’s getting a lot of attention;
  • This week’s fruitbox included melon, oranges, pears, apples and bananas;
  • A has a sore throat, but went to work anyway.

I think that’s it for now.  No wedding photos, because of course I forgot the camera!  I’ll try to get my hands on someone else’s pictures and post one or two.


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