I’m already struggling to keep hold of which day it is.  They all blur into one long lazy day, broken up only by A going off to work every morning.  I worked out that today should be Friday, so I’ll stick to that. 

I haven’t particularly done anything for two days.  I’m actually starting to feel bored, which normally takes me weeks, not days.  It’s not real boredom…I have plenty to do, but I’m too lazy to bother doing any of it.  So I find myself watching the same old episodes of the same old sitcoms, for most of the day.  Frasier, Everybody loves Raymond, Two and a half men, etc.  With an occasional Cold Case thrown in. 

Yesterday we went out for a walk.  It is the first time we’ve been for a long walk, longer than our usual 45 mins round the neighbourhood, in weeks.  We followed the River Ray Parkway all the way out to Moredon, strolled along Akers Way, then back via Cheney Manor to pick up rabbit and cockatiel food and ribbon for my knitted bag.  I coped really well with all the walking, no serious pain problems at all, but I’m paying for it today.

I finished my knitted bag yesterday afternoon.  I’ve also finished Alan and Kat’s wedding present.  Photos…when I get round to it.  I realised that I didn’t take any pictures of Tim and Jenny’s present before I gave it to them, so I have no record of that one at all.  Hopefully I can get hold of them before they return to New Zealand, get them to take some photos for me. 

Today, I don’t much want to do anything.  That’s already becoming a recurring theme, and hard as I try to fight it, I’m not doing too well. 

I have promised to phone my friend Caron, arrange to meet up with her.  Yesterday I contacted my friend Jarge, but she’s off on holiday for a week, will shout when she gets back.  I haven’t seen Jarge for nearly a year now, so I must make more effort.  I also contacted Kat yesterday, to see if she wants to meet up, as we’re both off work (Kat is a teacher).  No reply as yet. 

It occurred to me that it might do me good to wander off to Liverpool for a day or two.  I could catch up with a few friends, including Janey with her new baby.  I haven’t been back to Liverpool for about 7 or 8 years, and I miss it.  It was home for a while and it would be good to visit.  Perhaps. 

The other thing I have planned is to make a lemon meringue pie for my baby brother.  A few years back I stumbled across my Nan’s recipe, and re-started the tradition of making one for the boy’s birthday each year.  Only, last year I made the pie then, attempting to put it into a bag to carry it to his house, dropped it…it went all over the dining room.  I offered him lemon meringue smoosh, but he wasn’t impressed – fussy, yes?

So, as well as owing him one from last year (I could never bear to remake it at the time), I want to reassure him that we aren’t cross with him over the ‘cat jumped through window and took a swipe at our bird’ incident at his house last weekend.  He honestly didn’t realise the neighbours cat could get in through that window or he’d never have left it open while he had our cockatiel in the room.  Billy was really shocked, lost a few feathers, including one that bled heavily, but is fine now.  Except he can’t fly and repeatedly crashes to the floor.


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