I’m now reaching the stage of utter frustration.  I always find this when I’m trapped at home for a while, I start to get bored and fidgety.  As usual, I can’t seem to find anything to do. 

I’ve contacted my few friends and those who have responded are going on holiday.  I’m glad for them, but the selfishness in me just curses that they have better things to do and no time for me.  I know that’s unfair, and I’d never express it to them. 

I’ve still got a few people to hear from.  Hopefully one of them will be free for a couple of hours sometime this week. 

I’m also starting to feel as if I’ve been surgically attached to A.  I never ever do anything without him.  If he isn’t around (when he’s at work for example), I just stay in and occupy myself at home.  That’s fine normally because I go to work myself, then really value our time together whether we go out or stay in.  But when I’m here alone waiting for him, I wish I could find some independence from somewhere.  I just can’t think of anywhere to go on my own, or anything to do.  It’s some weird mental block. 

He’s asleep at the moment, but I’ve got pains which keep me awake, so I’ll knit and listen to audiobooks or read or something. 

I finished my lacy socks this morning.  They are for me, I’m already wearing them and they are really comfortable.  I’ve promised the next pair to A – he’s chosen a red yarn and a pattern I’d downloaded from Ravelry called Froot Loop. 

I’m also planning to start on a net curtain for the dining room.  We have a voile panel up there at the moment, but it’s sadly torn and worn and needs replacing.  The window really needs something both airy to let in light and obscuring to hide the messy lean-to it looks into.  I’ve got some crochet thread to experiment with, and a few pattern ideas, but it’ll be an invention as usual, I suspect. 

I got a nice box frame for Alan and Kat’s wedding cross-stitch yesterday, so as soon as the embroidery is in the frame, that’s complete. 

I know, I keep promising photos…I’ll have a photo day soon, and deliver as many of the promised pictures as I can (obviously not the ones I forgot to take though – d’oh!). 

So, back to the solitude of knitting.


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