Yay! New Phones!

Technically I suppose I should be celebrating that tomorrow…when they have been delivered.  But I finally took the step of phoning the mobile phone company and agreeing to a new contract with free phones.  Only the one A wanted isn’t free.  But it’s still a lot cheaper than if we actually buy it. 

Somehow though, we have talked ourselves round from ‘we won’t get a new contract, we’ll convert to pay as you talk’ to ‘want new phones, let’s get a contract’.

That said, it is a much cheaper contract. 

Unfortunately, that means I have to stay in all day tomorrow to sign for them.  I had planned to go out for lunch with lovely Kat, but I guess I’ll have to phone her and apologise…unless the delivery comes early enough. 

What have I been doing this weekend?  Well, Saturday was kind of drowned out by A going out for Alan’s stag do.  He worked until lunchtime, slept all afternoon, then went out from 6pm to 5am!!  I don’t begrudge him going out, but it always worries me a little when he gets home that late…and when the afternoon was completely taken up in sleeping so he was awake enough to go out. 

I did have a whiny, clingy hour or so.  I knew I was doing it, and being unreasonable with it, but I just couldn’t help it.  Then, when A had gone, I had a very low, depressed hour when I felt so lonely.  Eventually I remembered that these damn pills make me anxious and depressed, and I felt better.  Weird.  I could do without the roller coaster, thanks!

Anyway, I promised pictures…and here are some pictures:

These are the socks I knitted for myself…they are called clover.  The picture doesn’t show it very well but they include both lace and cabling and are very pretty.  Also, I love the random striping effect.  They are really soft and comfortable.

Here is the little evening bag I have created for Alan and Kat’s wedding.  It’s only just big enough for a phone, small purse and a car key.  The ribbon is an old hair ribbon…and I have a bunch of them in different colours, so the bag handle can be co-ordinated with my outfit. 

This is the start of a sock called froot loop, for A.

This is going to be a net curtain for the dining room…umm, maybe.  If it works out. 

So, this week?  New phones tomorrow, and maybe lunch with Kat.  Apart from that, who knows.  I have challenged myself to get out at least once, alone.  I might just get a bus to big Asda, browse around the library over there, look in Borders, get the bus home again.  I might be braver than that and get the train to Reading.  Who knows?


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