You can’t just touch other people’s knitwear

Apparently.  Okay, I didn’t, but I certainly came very close to it.  A lady sat down in front of me on the bus, wearing a really pretty cardigan.  When I looked closer (I may have breathed down her neck, just a little), it appeared to be made using some yarn I’ve knitted with myself.  I can’t remember what the stuff is called, what I made with it, or where I got it, but it looked really lovely as a cardi. 

And yes, I did it, I went out alone…all the way to big Asda on the bus.  That shouldn’t be such a big deal.  I caught a bus to a shopping centre, browsed for a while, caught a bus back.  So?  Well, I think it’s the first time since I last went to work that I’ve actually left the house alone.  Apart from work, and my excursion to meet Judith and talk knitting, it’s the first time in forever that I’ve been anywhere without A. 

I wandered into Boots, bought a new deodorant and some nail varnish in funky colours. 

I strolled along the front of the shops, to see whether M&S has magically appeared yet.  It hasn’t.

I spent an hour or so browsing in Borders.  I looked at knitting books, and I mean really looked – picked them up, rifled through to get an idea of patterns, scanned for interesting looking ideas or techniques.  I strolled through the general fiction area, lingered over the classics, loitered around the poetry.  I scanned the special offers and glanced over the fantasy/sci-fi section.  I bought (and I’m really proud of my restraint) a book of poetry for A and a Douglas Coupland book for myself.  Both of them are for both of us really, as we’ll both read both books. 

Then I went into Asda, where my restraint let me down, and I bought Coke, sandwiches, crisps and maltesers for lunch.  Shocking! 

This afternoon, I think I’ll make more use of my dayrider bus ticket and head off into town.  There are more book shops, and one or two places that sell yarn.


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