More adventures…and more books

As prophesied on Wednesday lunchtime, I trotted off into town for an hour in the afternoon.  I bought nothing.  I did see a friend of ours on the bus home, and just as I congratulated myself (while getting off the bus) on successfully surviving an unexpected social encounter, I realised that sat next to her was another friend…who I had completely blanked.  I don’t know how I managed to be so rude, it honestly wasn’t intentional, but I’ve been beating myself up about it ever since.  If she is at Alan and Kat’s wedding on Saturday, I shall apologise. 

Yesterday contained more adventures – brave and solitary ones and also an excursion with A.  I went out in the car to Hobbycraft in the morning, then to big Asda, then to pick A up from work. 

Hobbycraft never ceases to amaze me.  It’s enormous, one massive building dedicated to craft stuff.  And yet I can never find what I’m looking for.  Or if I’m not looking for anything specific, nothing tempts me much.  How can that be?  I went there yesterday because they sell yarn and patterns, and I was hoping to see either some lovely unusual yarn, sock yarn, reduced price yarn or knitting books.  And I bought?  Nothing. 

I made up for it back at Borders, by big Asda, though.  Two knitting books!  I got the one I had planned to buy, the Vogue ultimate sock knitting book, which I had looked at the previous day and checked out via Ravelry.  I also bought one called 400 knitting stitches, which caught my attention because it is just literally page after page of knitting stitches.  I might use it to design me a stole. 

After lunch, A and I headed over to Coate Water, a local nature area.  It’s not quite local enough, as it is on the far side of town and takes at least 40 minutes to walk to.  It’s a 15 minute drive, but it seems somewhat self-destructive to drive to a nature area.  We could have caught the bus, but for once I drove.  It was lovely to get to Coate, we haven’t been there in ages.  Once we got away from the busy spots (ice cream stand, kids play area etc) it was peaceful and calm and we saw some interesting wild things going on.  We even sat in one of the hides for half an hour. 

I haven’t been driving much at all lately, and it worries me that I’ll start building up mental walls which stop me getting in the car at all.  That isn’t practical.  We walk to most places by choice, if we can, or catch a bus, but sometimes to have the choice to drive is invaluable.  I have hang-ups aplenty though…for example I worry about going anywhere new and I worry about parking. 

But I got back in the car for the first time in over a week, and I was fine.  So far so good.  Today we are thinking of driving to Cricklade to check out a yarn shop, then on to the Cotswold Water Parks to walk a bit, see what we can see.  Maybe. 

On the knitting front, I’m plodding away at my net curtain, a few rows a day.  It could take a long time to finish!  I frogged the froot loop sock I had started for A, as the variegated yarn was drowning out the pattern and it just looked all wrong.  I’ve started again using a different pattern, which looks a bit like scales.  It looks much better. 

Tomorrow we’re off to the wedding, then I have to start facing up to work next week.  I don’t have to got until Wednesday, but I have to get my head round it.


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