Time is nearly up

Here we are, Tuesday already…back to work tomorrow.  I can’t believe that the last two weeks has gone so quickly.  I’m feeling much better, the pain is mostly bearable, so work should be okay.  We’ll see. 

Alan and Kat’s wedding was lovely on Saturday, it went really well.  Kat looked gorgeous, she’s such a pretty lady anyway and she had the most amazing dress.  Al looked pretty too – in a suit for the first time in his life.  They are off to Egypt for two weeks on honeymoon now. 

Tim and Jenny are going back to New Zealand today, so it’s going to be a lot quieter for a while. 

What else…?  We got drunk enough on Saturday to spend all of Sunday asleep or monging.  A worked overtime on Monday afternoon, so that was another day which disappeared before I knew it. 

Today I have to take my Mum to the hospital to have two teeth extracted.  The dentist won’t do it, because of her recent chemo, so it has to be done at the hospital.  I also took her to the hospital yesterday, as she has whiplash from a minor car accident on Saturday – another car drove into the back of hers.  She and Graham are fine, apart from the mild whiplash, and there isn’t much damage to the car. 

In the knitting world…a few more rows on the net curtain, and I’ve nearly finished the first scaly sock for A.  I was worried about the fit because it looked far too baggy, but he tried it on last night and it’s about right.  He can’t wear tight socks anyway, or his ankles swell.  It’s a blood pressure thing. 

So, I’m just going to grump around here for today, apart from my excursion to the hospital.  It looks like it will rain again – that’s all it has done for weeks – so we might not even get out for a walk.

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