Day two…not in the office

I didn’t expect it to be easy, but I didn’t think I’d do this badly!  After just one day at work, I failed to make it into the office today.  I am working at home, genuinely working all day (until now…lunch breaks are allowed), but I should have gone in to the office this morning.  I have to wait nearly two weeks until I can see the doctor again, but this time I don’t see how he can dispute that the tablets just aren’t working.  I’m in agony. 

I am thinking of going in to Boots at the weekend, to talk to them about Tens machines.  I don’t really understand how they work, or whether they are suitable for me.  I don’t know whether I have to buy one or if I can hire one.  But hopefully they can explain all of that and I might even be able to afford it.  It’s worth a try. 

Randomly, I’d like to talk about my lunch.  Usually lunch is an uninspired meal, just a sandwich or a pasty or something quick and easy.  But today, I cooked up a couple of potato waffles in the oven, topped them with tuna and cheese and stuck them back in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese.  They were delicious!  Probably a calorie nightmare, but I refuse to count such things.  As long as I get out and walk later on, as usual, I can eat what I like.  Within reason, obviously.  As good as it sounds a diet of only chocolate cake wouldn’t be so healthy.  mmmm…chocolate cake. 

Our meals this week have been fairly simple.  Last week was bad, with lots of takeaway/fast food type meals.  Not only is that expensive, it’s unhealthy and generates extra waste packaging.  Bad, I tell you.  This week we’re doing better.  We had chicken drumsticks on Monday, with homemade potato wedges, carrots and runner beans.  Why did I never realise how easy potato wedges are to make? 

Tuesday I made a bolognaise.  I haven’t made bolognaise for ages.  A isn’t so keen on tomato-based sauces, and I lived on such sauces for 4 years as a student.  Tuna, sweetcorn, tinned tomatoes, pasta.  Herbs and stock cubes on a good day.  I was properly put off.  But on Tuesday it was lovely, just for a change. 

Wednesday (yesterday?) is always quick-and-easy throw-things-in-the-oven day.  Usualy stuff like fish in breadcrumbs, oven chips, faggots, pies.  True to routine, I put in fish for myself, faggots for A, oven chips for us both.  But…I also cooked up some veg.  How exciting!

Today, we are planning on baked potatoes with prawns.  Usually I’d also mix some tuna-sweetcorn-mayo, but a) I’ve already eaten tuna today and b) we’re out of mayo. 

Digging through the freezer last night, we realised that we have 2 whole chicken, a leg of lamb, a topside of beef and about 4 trays of chicken pieces.  No more meat.  No chops.  No stew meat.  No sausages, no bacon.  So, as next week is meat box week, we’re probably going to treat ourselves to a large box instead of a medium one.  We do that a couple of times a year, to stock up the freezer.  mmm…meat. 

Anyway, enough talk of food, I’m making myself hungry.  Back to work!

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