Busy Socialising…

It’s a lot out of character, but yesterday and today have ended up full of social activity. 

For lunch yesterday, I went out to eat with my lovely friend Caron.  I haven’t had much of a chance to catch up with Caron in the last couple of years, as she has had a really hard time of it, so it was good to have time out just to talk to each other.  And a delicious cheese, bacon and tomato wrap at the same time.  I’m impressed by how well Caron seems to be, and I only hope that she really is that well as sometimes life is hard on best of people. 

We also got plenty of time to gossip about the place I used to work at, where Caron still works.  That’s always fun. 

As I was waiting for Caron, I bumped into my Mum.  We had a quick chat, then off I went for lunch.  Weirdly though, when I was walking home after lunch, Mum drove past, stopped to pick me up and gave me a lift.  We had so much to catch up on (even though we talk most days) that we sat in the car outside the house chatting for 5 minutes. 

Today, I’m off into town to meet my longest-standing friend.  I can’t say oldest because that isn’t true, but by longest-standing I don’t mean I keep her waiting all the time, just that I’ve been friends with Jarge for longer than anyone else.  I haven’t caught up with Jarge properly for about a year, I think, so it should be a juicy meeting. 

That said, if I don’t get a move on I’ll be late!  Gotta go.


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