This socialising stuff really eats into your knitting time!

Seriously, I haven’t knit a stitch in two days!  I had lunch with a very good friend on Friday, lunch with another lovely friend on Saturday, went to a barbecue on Saturday evening, and am off out for a drink tonight.  Phew!  Kind of makes me want a drink! 

It was lovely catching up with Jarge yesterday, I haven’t seen her for nearly a year for one reason or another, and she had lots of news.  She’s coming out with us tonight too. 

On the way home from town yesterday afternoon, after a long walk by the canal and along the old railway, we popped in to see Stef at work, see if she and Danny wanted to come out tonight, and she invited us to their barbecue.  Which we went to. 

It has been years since I voluntarily accepted invitations to anything social, and even longer since I regularly turned up to stuff.  I’m planning a really lazy bank holiday Monday, to recover before going back to work on Tuesday. 

So, running late as usual, gotta go.


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