Facebook is consuming my life

It’s not really, but doesn’t that sound dramatic? 

I did join though, finally giving way to the pressure.  I’ve already traced a few friends I had lost touch with…although now I find I don’t have that much to say to them.  Which is probably why we lost touch in the first place.  Or was it just because I’m lazy and unsociable? 

I’ve also got a lot of cousins out there, who I’ve barely seen since they were toddlers.  One or two I’ve only seen once.  I haven’t added them all as friends as yet, but I’ll get round to it. 

This unusual fit of sociability is starting to worry me.  Four social events in one weekend, two weddings in a month, now facebook as well.  What is going on with me?  I don’t like people! 

So, the week is nearly over (hooray!), the weekend is almost here…what’s the news?

  • we got a large meatbox today – loads of meat 🙂
  • there were grapes in the fruit box this week
  • So far I’ve been in to the office for 2 mornings out of 3 (the third I worked at home)
  • the weekend comprises a carefully planned nothing. 

Seriously, nothing all weekend.  We’ve decided to give ourselves a couple of days to chill.  Sounds good to me. 

What’s on next week?

  • team meeting in Bristol on Tuesday
  • Dr appointment Tuesday afternoon
  • office clear-out day on Friday
  • 1:1 with the boss-man on Thursday

Okay, so that’s almost all work stuff…don’t think there is much more than that.  We’re about to enter silly season for Birthdays, so there’ll be loads of last minute gift and card shopping, dashing to people’s houses on the day after, forgetting and making up for it weeks later…then Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, A has just finished a shift at work where he spent some time putting the christmas stock on the shelves.  It’s not even September, people!  That truly scares me.


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