The weekend

Hoorah!  It’s the weekend.

Hoorah!  My friend Rachel had a baby boy yesterday morning.  Congratulations Rachel and Andrew, and a hug to Thomas. 

Hoorah!  Dunno what that one was for, just sort of got in the habit. 

So, a whole weekend with nothing planned.  I’ve got until 1.30 today on my own, which is nice.  Then we’ll have time for walking, chilling out, whatever we feel like.  Although it feels kind of weird not having anything we have to do.  No stag do, no wedding, no meeting friends for lunch or drinks, no social commitments at all.  I think it’s the first time that has happened in over a month, and to tell the truth we’re both a bit unsure of how to handle it. 

Of course, the snooker season has just started 🙂 .  I love me some snooker.  The NI Trophy is well underway (I’m shocked to report we both forgot until yesterday), with semi-finals today and finals tomorrow.  That should eat up a part of our time.  Especially if there’s also football to distract A.  

In knitting news, I’ve finished A’s scaly-look socks, and they look good.  He wasn’t over-enthusiastic though.  I have started (and almost finished the first one) a pair of tiny little socks for Rachel’s new baby boy.  They are the sweetest little socks, and I’ll send them to her asap.  Oh, and I’m still plodding at that net curtain, which I’m now sure I’ll be plodding away at for years to come.  By which time we’ll have bought and worn out at least two replacements.  Never mind, it’s my own fault for using crochet cotton, which is so ridiculously fine. 

On facebook I have now added a lot of cousins and an aunt and an uncle.  It’s a bit dull today.  I shouldn’t wait for someone to send me a message, but you know, I’m the shy one and never make the first move. 

In the coming week, I’ve got all that work stuff blah blah blah.  Then another weekend.  It’s still 5 weeks until our next holiday, but that one is Westward Ho! so worth the wait.


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