Another week over

At last, Friday rolls back around and work is done with for the week.  I made it in to the office for 4 mornings out of 5 this week, which is good going compared to recent history.  This morning I had pre-arranged I would work at home, so I had no guilt trip about staying in bed until 9am as I could begin work as soon as I stumbled downstairs and switched the laptop on. 

The lovely Alana nd Kat are back from their honeymoon, looking relaxed and happy.  We went out to a local pub last night, to meet up with them and a few others.  On a school night!  It was good to see them.  Somehow I ended up totally hogging Kat’s attention, and we set the world to rights between us, without paying anyone else any attention really.  Which was rude, but what you gonna do?

We’ve ended up with another ‘nothing planned’ weekend, so I suspect there will be lots of facebook, knitting, reading and (weather allowing) walking.  The weather has been truly awful over the last few weeks, lots of rain, so getting out for a good long walk is risky.  The temperature has really dropped too, it’s definitely now autumn and it’s only the first week of September!  Our October holiday should be interesting. 

There’s no knitting news for now, been slacking off a bit for the last few days, but I really must finish those baby socks for Thomas. 

Anyway, I’m off to cook dinner now – whoever gets off their lazy arse and starts cooking first gets to choose what we have.  The starting ingredient is minced beef, and while I’d prefer chilli, A will cook savoury mince.  Although…inspiration strikes…we could each cook our own!


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