Please don’t put your life in the hands…

…of a rock n roll band…who’ll throw it all away. 

I’m listening to forbidden music today.  It’s not really forbidden, I’m just picking out those few bands that A just cannot stand.  He has been going through a retro rock thing lately, so we’ve heard a lot of Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Metallica, you get the picture.  I’m not so keen on most of those, although I don’t mind a bit of Metallica. 

Sadly my rock roots are a bit cheesier, and I don’t feel much compulsion to re-visit them (Def Leppard, Extreme, best left alone).  I have dug out one or two pop classics though, in particular Stars by Simply Red, which is definitely on A’s ‘not when I’m at home’ list.  I love love love that particular Simply Red album, especially the title track.  I listened to it repeatedly as a teenager and so much wanted someone to feel that way about me.  The album was a birthday present from my friends, and it was a very expensive gift from them, at the time.  I really valued it and it has so many good vibes now. 

I’m also on an Oasis trip.  Another band on the NWIAH list.  Yet every album is a classic.  I love their stuff, and I don’t care that they are allegedly just a money-machine.  Who cares?  It still sounds good!  And lets face it, what band doesn’t want the money?!  Again, lots of memories attached to Oasis albums, especially the first two.  Like the time when I was living in Iain’s house in Liverpool, and we’d had a big row about something.  I can’t even remember what.  I was on my way to St Helen’s to visit Janey, my best friend, and Iain insisted on walking me to the station even though we weren’t talking.  While we were at the station we somehow started singing ‘Some Might Say’ and ended up laughing and making up our differences.  “I’ll be standing at the station…”.

There are loads of Oasis related stories.  Another is about our friend John McGee who started a game to include his name in every Oasis song…’Maybe you’re the same as me, getting p*ssed with John McGee?’…we kept that going for months. 

I have a NWIAH as well.  Only mine is a bit shorter…just Bob Dylan.  I cannot listen to him, he drives me mad.  I’ve seen him live at Glastonbury and wasn’t impressed then either.  Of course A loves him. 

Generally though, we’re pretty tolerant of each other’s tastes and have a lot in common musically.  Lucky really.


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