Not enough sleep

I think I’ve worked out what one of my problems is, the one where I can’t get out of bed in the morning without massive effort.  The tablets I’m taking (hormones and painkillers) are giving me nightmares.  Constant, freakish nightmares, from when I go to sleep to when I drag myself out of bed. 

I woke up frightened 5 minutes after falling asleep the other night.  I wake up sweating and shaking repeatedly throughout the night.  It doesn’t seem to make a difference how tired I am or what and when I’ve eaten.  

I wouldn’t have made this connection, but my Mum saw the Doctor-man last week and he told her one of her tablets is causing this to happen to her.  Too much dreaming leads to not enough restful sleep.  Painfully though, it’s not something I can fix as I can’t live without the painkillers and I can’t stop the hormones without the consultant’s say-so.  So for now I just have to get by.  Hoorah! 

In other news, I’ve lost the knitting obsession.  For now, anyway.  I’m sure it’ll come back, as all my compulsions do sooner or later.  I’m still knitting a bit at the end of the evening, but it’s not the gripping need it was for a while.  At one point I would rather knit than sleep, eat, work, walk, even read. 

Oddly, my current fascination is for work.  I know!  Weird! 

I’m developing a reporting system and process using a stats tool to extract data from our massive datasets and Access to process the data and produce suites of reports. 

I know I shouldn’t say this, because no-one else in the world would agree, but I like Access.  It has its quirks and problems.  But I like it.  I’m bitten by the report development bug again, which I haven’t been for some time. 

It’s years since I truly developed using Access and I couldn’t stop yesterday.  I worked all morning, stopped for 10 minutes to eat lunch, worked solidly all afternoon and kept going until gone 7pm.  That is not usual for me, especially on a Friday.  Don’t get me wrong, I usually work all day, but interspersed with breaks for coffee, food, chatting, interruptions by the phone and colleagues, the usual distractions.  Yesterday I had to remind myself to stop to use the toilet as I had simply crossed my legs to hold it for longer rather than stop what I was doing. 

So, what does the weekend hold?  I’ve already done the housework and started the washing.  I’ve cleaned out the rabbit.  I’ve done everything I wanted to do online (once I’ve finished this).  A will be home from work soon, we’ll have lunch, then probably go back to bed for a couple of hours to prepare for the rest of the day.

Then…late afternoon…an event not seen for months…our nieces are coming round for dinner.  We’ve hardly seen the girls in months, although for years they used to stay over on Saturday night, about every 3 weeks.  Morgan is now 10 and Madison is 5, nearly 6.  They are so lovely, when they want to be, but hard work.  While I’m on the painkillers I struggle to keep up with them, which is why we haven’t made the effort for a while, but I kind of miss them.  I spoke to them on the phone last weekend, and felt really bad.  They aren’t that difficult and they usually behave well for us.  We’re treating them to pizza, it’s easier than cooking and A just got paid. 

It’ll be nice to see them.  

This evening, when they’ve gone home, we’ll probably just chill.  Take a night off. 

Tomorrow…nothing planned.  Which is good 🙂

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