Got a new toy

I did a bad thing at the weekend.  Bad for my finances that is.  I ordered a new laptop from Dell.  Astonishingly, it arrived today and I’m using it now! 

Last time I ordered a laptop from Dell (nearly 5 years ago), it took an agonising three weeks or so to arrive.  That was three weeks of excitement, frustration, anticipation and worry (what if it gets delayed?). 

This time, I ordered on Sunday evening, received it Wednesday afternoon.  I could have had it this morning, if I’d been here to sign for it, but I had to work.  Damn work, getting in the way all the time. 

By itself, buying a laptop isn’t that bad.  But of course we didn’t stop there.  We also ordered a netbook for A.  That arrived on Tuesday afternoon.  It’s a dinky little thing, tiny compared to the laptop, and it’s specifically set up for browsing the internet but not a lot more.  It has a Linux operating system instead of Windows, something I’ve never used before.  It’s neat though, and A is happy with it. 

Sadly of course, until the novelty wears off, we’re both spending the evening on our separate machines, doing our own thing.  I give it a few days until we get over that, but until then, at least we are in the same room!


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