Feeling neglected?

Sorry ’bout that.  I’ve been shamefully lazy about writing for the last week or so, there’s no excuse for it really. 

So, what have I been up to?  Last Tuesday was my baby brother’s 30th birthday.  Thursday was Mum’s birthday.  Saturday was a nephew’s birthday and also baby brother’s party.  Which was fun!  Lots of kids, old-style party food and even a bouncy castle.  Which my sister-in-law managed to get photos of me on.  And has posted on facebook.  Hoorah!

Friday night we went out for another birthday, one of our friends.  Just drinks at a nearly-local pub, not even a late one cause of A’s early start on Saturday.  But it was nice to see people. 

Again with the socialising – I almost don’t recognise myself these days!

On Monday I went to the hospital, to see yet another consultant.  This one was a hard-faced cow, to quote A, really horrible.  She had no sympathy and questioned why I wanted a referral to the pain clinic.  She even suggested I try Nurofen!  I’m doped up on codeine most of the time, still in pain, but no – what I need is nurofen!  Stupid woman.  I have been taken off the hormone tablets that were making me feel so bad…and put on some different hormone tablets.  If these don’t work then they are pretty much out of options and I may end up with a hysterectomy.  I can’t keep living like this, I really hope they do something soon.

Knitting news:  I’ve started and re-started the same sock about 6 times so far, so socks are hibernating for a while.  As is the net curtain I got thoroughly bored of.  I’m making something for my step-dad’s birthday now, but it’s a surprise so ssshhh! 

What else?  Oh yes, looks like my dad is having an affair with the 21 year old daughter of a friend of his.  His wife is threatening divorce, which might not be a bad thing as she’s a mean old drunk who treats him so badly. 

The laptop I treated myself to is lovely…taking up a lot of my time though…damn addictive games 😉

So, I think that’s it for now, back to work.  More soon!


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