Another week gone already?

I can’t believe how neglectful I’ve been, igonring you for a whole week.  The truth is, I’m hooked on games again.  I installed a games application on facebook, got hooked and obsessive and screechy, realised what was happening and uninstalled the application.  Then I installed a jigsaw puzzles application instead! 

I should know better really, it alwasy goes that way.  I just cannot leave the games alone.  It’s a good thing that my work network is tightly locked down so I can’t easily get to games of any kind.  Even though I can use facebook from work, I can’t play any of the games.  I sold my gameboy advance to keep me off the Tetris.  Of course now the problem is that I’ve got a laptop at home, so whenever I work at hoem I can simply set up both laptops on the dining room table. 

Why do I lack willpower like this?!

Speaking of lacking willpower, I ordered more yarn.  Mmmmmm…Yarn.  I’ve just received another lucky dip bag of Lana Grossa sock yarn, having knitted my way through 3-nearly-4 of the previous 5 balls.  And I’ve ordered 6 plain coloured balls from the Knitting and Crochet Guild as well.  I want some plain colours because the self-patterning stuff is lovely, but it doesn’t allow much room for interesting patterns in the knitting, they just look wrong or are drowned out by the patterning in the yarn.  Now I’m just hoping the KCG package will arrive before we go on holiday on Friday.

Yes, we’re off on holiday again.  This is our main (igonring the previous 4 😉 ) holiday of the year.  We’re off to Westward Ho! on Friday lunchtime, for a week.  Alan and Kat are coming down as well, but just Friday-Sunday.  Then the following Friday we’ll drive from North Devon down to South Devon, to stay in Dawlish Warren for a long weekend.  The intention is with the S Devon bit, we will spend some time in Topsham at the RSPB reserves there. 

Westward Ho! will be our usual relaxing, strolling on the Tors, walking over Northam Burrows chill-out.  There’s something that speaks to us both in that place, it feels like coming home whenever we get there.  Weather allowing it will mainly be a walking week, usually with lots of wildlife to see. 

We’ve sorted the house-and-bunny sitting, but we still have a list of things to do before we can go.  Hopefully most of them can be finished tomorrow so we cna get away early on Friday afternoon.  Sadly, we both have to work on Friday morning, but as it’s A’s birthday, he gets to finish an hour early.  I have a 1:1 with the boss-man, so no early finish for me, but I officially booked the afternoon off, so lunchtime is the latest I will get home. 

Hooray for holidays!

Edited to add – I just cleared away the packaging from my sock yarn, and found the lovely people at Get Knitted had included not only a free sock pattern, but also a pen and a lollipop!  Now that’s service!


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  1. alex703 Says:

    cool!!! – thanks a lot for this post!!!

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