No more holidays

That was another lovely, lovely holiday.  Peace and quiet (and only a few days of rain) in Westward Ho! and a few extra bonus days in Dawlish Warren at the end of it. 

We explored a little further afield than  usual while we were in Westward Ho! this time.  There have been occasions when we haven’t left the area at all, except on our own two feet, but this time we jumped on a bus and explored.  We aimed for Braunton, changing bus and stopping for lunch in Barnstaple.  We ate at the most fantastic bistro, and were even brave enough to order tapas.  The food was amazing, including the juiciest olives I’ve ever tasted.  It was reasonably priced, not cheap, but not overly expensive either (both of us ate enough for lunch for £20, including drinks). 

Braunton was a bit weird.  We’d been nagged to go there by my Mum and stepdad when we were on holiday with them, but resisted the pressure because all they could offer was ‘a butcher’.  Alan and Kat then went there from the Ho!, to go to a surf shop.  So we decided we had to see what the appeal was.  Didn’t get it. 

What we did get was the Tarka Trail.  We knew it existed, but had no idea where it went or what it was like.  We bought a detailed map of the area and discovered that it goes through Braunton, north towards Ilfracombe, back towards Barnstaple and further on to Bideford…just a few miles from the Ho!

So not only is the route a good one, through interesting parts of North Devon, but the bit we walked (Braunton to Barnstaple) follows the line of the river/estuary so the scenery is amazing.  Our binoculars were glued to our faces, there was so much to see.  We could probably have walked it in half the time if we hadn’t stopped to look so often.  But hey, where’s the fun in that? 

Of course, we also walked a lot around the Ho! area, on the Tors and through Northam Burrows.  Beautiful as ever.  The sun even shone for us. 

From Dawlish Warren we visited Topsham, which has a massive RSPB reserve.  We also explored the Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve, which was interesting too. 

Sadly, we are now back to work.  We have agreed to have fewer holidays next year, to save money instead.  Boring but important.  So April is probably the next one to look forward to, then October again.  We’ve almost settled on the Ho! (of course) and the Isle of Wight, where we haven’t been for several years.  We went there for our honeymoon, and it’s a good area for walking. 

Anyway, I’m supposed to be working…more soon.


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