Health Update. And a joke.

I’m trying hard not to dwell on the whole agonising pain thing, but man it hurts at the moment.  When I last saw a consultant they changed my hormone medication yet again, and admitted I’m getting closer to a hysterectomy.  I saw my own Dr-man last week, and he confirmed that they really are running out of alternatives – this is the last thing he can think of.  Unfortunately I have to stick with it for another two months,  which seems like sooooo loooong. 

We wennt out for a walk earlier, and I could barely make it round the block.  And some of the side-effects are starting to get to me, like the constipation.  It’s not something I’m comfortable discussing, so I won’t gross you out with too many details.  Lets just say constipation is not a good side-effect for someone already suffering abdominal pain. 

Also, my hair is falling out.  It started on holiday, when I was washing it in the shower and realised the shower cubicle was slowly filling with water.  When I looked I’d lost so much hair it was blocking the plughole completely.  The Dr-man isn’t concerned, just said to watch out for bald spots!  Is that meant to be funny?!

The good news is I was referred to the pain clinic by the consultant I saw last month, and when we got back from holiday, there was an appointment letter sat waiting for me.  For the next day.  I saw a consultant who didn’t insist on prodding me too much, he just suggested an appointment with a physiotherapist.  Not for exercises or anything, but to learn about pain management and to borrow a tens machine.  I’m hoping that appointment will also come through quickly, as I finally seem to be getting responses on an urgent basis. 

Moving on, to the promised joke…where we stayed in Dawlish Warren last weekend, we arrived just in time for the d of a week long wild west event.  The final night was a big do in the clubhouse, which we avoided because they were charging to get in and we’re generally anti-social anyway.  Set up behind our chalet were several huts on wheels and tents, where some wild west type people were staying – in character.  They had the costumes, complete with long johns hung on the washing line, the campfires for cooking on, oil lamps, knitting, the lot.  A looked out of the back window and asked innocently "Do you think they’ll lend me a cowboy hat, then I’ll be halfway there".  I couldn’t stop laughing…it was the mental image of him in a cowboy hat singing to Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer!  I’ve teased him about it ever since. 

What?!  I never said it was a funny joke!


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