Socks…and more socks.

I guess it’s time for a knitting update.  The only thing to say really is ‘socks’.  And ‘socks’.  And more ‘socks’.  I seem to be totally hooked on knitting socks, and don’t want to make anything else. 

Which is bad really, because my older brother moved to the States last week, and got married, and I haven’t quite finished making their wedding present yet.  I really should put down the socks for a while and finish the wedding present, then get my lazy backside to a post office to send said wedding present and also the baby socks I made weeks ago for my friends’ babies.  Before they outgrow them completely. 

But back to the socks – I haven’t got photos of them all yet, but I’ve finished a blue/stripey pair for me and a pair of brown and cream ones for lovely Kat.  While we were on holiday she helped me untangle and rewind almost an entire ball of yarn.  It took the two of us together several hours, so I’d have been there all night on my own.  As a thank you, I made the very next pair for Kat. 

I’ve now cast on yet another sock, this time for my friend from work.  I have promised her a pair for Christmas, so I’d better get them done early, to make sure I leave enough time.  It’s not like I’ve got two months still, or that I should be doing other things.  Like wedding presents! 

On Wednesday lunchtime I went to the library by big Asda, for the second weekly meeting of the knitting group that Judith has started.  The library have made us very welcome – last week they had not only set out table and chairs near the window so we good light, they even piled all the knitting books they could find onto the table for us.  We just sat and knitted/crocheted, chatted and got to know each other a bit.  It was nice. 

There are three of us who have turned up both weeks, one other Raveler has said she’s interested but hasn’t made it yet.  Judith knows of two other interested people from where she lives, but they couldn’t make it this week. 

And a friend from work may also want to join in.  I happened to have a big box of sock yarn with me at work, just before our last holiday (as you do), and Diana asked what I’d got.  I showed her and explained about the sock knitting thing, and she was interested.  Then I went on holiday…we didn’t see each other for a few weeks…until we happened to be in the tea room at the same time on Monday.  Diana now wants to try sock knitting too, after talking to her daughters, who desperately want hand knitted socks. 

I brought some of my pretty knitting things in to show off, and sent Diana a few website links, and now she has ordered needles, and borrowed a ball of Lana Grossa and can’t wait to try it.  She wasn’t free to come along on Wednesday, but maybe next week. 

So, that’s knitting.  As I said, it’s all about the socks!


One Response to “Socks…and more socks.”

  1. Judith Says:

    Kind post! It seems very relaxing and friendly knitting in the library with nice new friends. I do hope others will be able to join us.

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