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A Small Photo Saturday

November 29, 2008

I only really have 3 pictures to post today, but here they are…

The wedding present I finally finished for my brother:

It’s a blurry picture, but that’s cos I’m not a photographer.  You probably noticed that already. 

Now I just have to get my act together and send it to them.  Along with their xmas present.  And the other parcels I still haven’t sent, even though they were ready to go weeks ago. 

Last night, I finished knitting myself a pair of fingerless mitts.  Our office is so cold at the moment, I’ve been taking my hot water bottle in with me, and not just for pain relief.  These aught to help keep my poor hands warm while I’m working…and they’re made from one of the skeins of yarn I bought on our cruise in July, so happy memories too. 


And hey, look at that, I finally worked out how to insert pictures from Flikr…and change the size!

The gloves were loosely based on a pattern found on ravelry, but amended as I used a totally different yarn so it was really just the basic construction method I needed.  I’m pleased with them.  Again, bad photos, but have you any idea how hard it is to get a good photo of your own hand?!

So, after Tuesday’s list of woes, the week evened itself up in the end.  I finally got my car back from the garage.  All fixed, but not cleaned.  I finished the reports I’d promised for Friday, published on time.  My stress levels came across in a phone call to the boss-man, so he insisted I finish early on Friday once the reports were published.  I got hold of the prescriptions I needed from the Dr.  Now I’m tired, hurting a bit, but okay. 

And (hooray!) a new week starts in just two days!!


So much going on

November 25, 2008

Life is hectic again at the moment.  I mean, for me.  Not compared to what most normal people squash into their everyday lives, what with socialising, looking after children etc. 

Yesterday the boss-man returned from 4 weeks in New Zealand.  It’s good to have him back, he can buffer me from people I don’t need to deal with. 

Today I took the car in for it’s 3rd year service and 1st time MOT.  I took it to the garage over the road from work, mainly because they are over the road from work ie convenient.  They promised I could have it back by lunchtime, 12 if possible.  At 9.30 they phoned to say it a rear brake light had failed.  Okay, so fix it.  Also, they recommended the brake fluid was changed.  Fine, do that.  Then they phoned again at 11.15 to say that while changing the brake fluid, a part had seized up, so they forced it and it broke off.  !  !  !  What?

It is going to take until tomorrow to even get the part in, then time to fit it.  In the meantime the car is not safe to drive, so i had to leave it with them.  There was no courtesy car available. 

So at lunchtime I had to catch 2 buses home, clutching my laptop and wishing I’d taken a scarf and an extra coat with me this morning.  Tomorrow I’ll have to  make my way back over there somehow, to collect my poor car.  It’s better be done in the morning, or they’ll be delivering it! 

This afternoon, I have to phone a different branch of Ford, who have sent me a letter telling me that my warranty is about to expire.  Would I like to renew it?  Only, I did!  When I bought the car I paid extra for an extended warranty!  Aaaaarrrggghhh!

Then I have to phone the hospital, who still haven’t sent me an appointment with a physio, 6 weeks after I was promised an emergency one. 

Tomorrow, apart from trying to retrieve my car, I’ve got to get to the Dr’s surgery to collect a prescription for painkillers.  Only, they are only open until lunchtime. 

Then, thank goodness for occasional relief, I’m off to the library for my usual knitting group meeting. 

On Thursday I’m going out with friends I used to work with, for lunch at my favourite Italian restaurant.  I meet with Caron fairly regularly, but only occasionally with the other guys, who are consultants and work all over the place. 

Next Tuesday is our final team meeting before christmas.  Theresa has just suggested going out for lunch, and the boss-man has offered to pay!  Not arguing!

Sometime next week I have a 1:1 with the boss-man, but don’t know when. 

Then the following weekend is A’s annual weekend away with the lads.  I’m off out with the left-behind girlfriends one evening, and my Dad id taking me and my niece shopping for birthday presents. 

Phew, feels like there isn’t much time to breathe!

Photo Saturday again

November 22, 2008

This week, I’ve got a photo-based knitting update…I’ve almost completed the few things I had planned to knit for Christmas, all of them presents.  I’ve got one more pair of socks to make, but am waiting for confirmation of size so can’t start yet.  In the meantime I’m now going back to work on my big brother’s wedding present, which should have been finished in October.  The good news is I have at least finished their Christmas present so I can send them both over to the USA at the same time. 

Here he is, Father Christmas:


And the unfinished cross-stitch:


Next, Christmas presents for my friend from work.  Socks:


And a close-up:


Plus a cat…customised colours to look like her real cat.  I made a similar one last year as a gift, all black to look like her other cat. 


I think that’s all the photos for now.  Tonight we’re off to a restaurant with one of our nieces, to treat her for her birthday.  Tomorrow is a nephew’s birthday.  Apart from that…the weekend is our own!


November 19, 2008

I had an asthma attack at 3 o’clock this morning.  Out of the blue.  I haven’t had an attack for so  many years, I no longer take inhalers regularly and don’t even carry them with me when I go out. 

I didn’t develop asthma until my teens, when it was triggered by a boyfriend who smoked.  I had one or two serious attacks, one while I was at Uni, but have been so stable for the last 5 years or more that I forget I’m even asthmatic.  My doctor finds this exasperating. 

So, at 3am I went from fast asleep to suddenly wide awake and unable to breathe.  It felt like my lungs were full of soup.  That is one seriously scary feeling at that time in the morning, when everything is so quiet, dark and cold.  I didn’t want to wake A up, as he had to be up at 5am for work, so I wandered downstairs, took my inhaler and just sat for a while.  Eventually I went back to bed and lay there reciting my times tables in my head until I went back to sleep.  The times tables thing is simply a distraction to stop me thinking about breathing, otherwise I hyperventilate just because I’m worrying. 

Today I feel ok.  My ribcage feels a little tight, but it has been slowly improving all day.  I dunno where that came from, but it can flippin well go back there! 

I made an extra effort to get to work today, despite the asthma thing, because the big boss-lady was in the office and expecting to see me there.  I took my hot water bottle and made it through to lunchtime, when I brought the car home and caught a bus to meet the knitting group.  Diana from work came along today too, even though it was her birthday.  I’m really enjoying meeting up with a few other knitters/crocheters and having someone to talk to who knows what I’m on about (at least sometimes). 

This is turning into an expensive month, which is unfortunate because it is also a really skint one.  On Monday I took the car to get her tyres checked – two new front tyres and a tracking check needed.  Before the 1st Dec I also have to get her MOT-ed and serviced.  Ouch!  On Saturday we’re taking Madi, our niece, out for dinner as it was her birthday last week.  It was also a nephew’s birthday at the weekend and another nephew’s in the coming weekend. 

That’s before we even start shopping for christmas! 

Wow, do you know I didn’t think I had anything but I’ve already written plenty.  Back to work…more soon.

A Happy Birthday and an early morning

November 14, 2008

Yesterday was my birthday.  I got up and went to work, where I found a card from my friend Theresa in our Plymouth office…complete with two small bars of very dark, very rich chocolate.  What a way to start the day! 

A has been sneaking presents to me for the last two weeks, including a new dressing gown (which I had asked for) and a whole loa dof extras which I hadn’t.  Several DVD’s, a CD, a book, a few more things.  And he still produced a pile of presents on the day, when we both got home from work.  That man is amazing.  He topped it off by baking two cakes – one to take to work – and cooking an enormous roast beef dinner.  Wow. 

My ex sister-in-law came round after collecting our nieces from school, and they stayed for an hour or so.  The girls each ate a massive slice of cake, and a few pieces of fruit as well – hope they didn’t ruin their dinner!  We’ve promised to take Madi out for dinner next weekend, as it’s her birthday today.  Then it’s a nephew’s birthday on Sunday, and another nephew’s a week Sunday.  Busy, busy, busy. 

In the evening yesterday, my baby borther and his wife turned up, with more presents.  I even got phone calls from my Mum, my Dad and my middle brother.  The only one missing was my big bro, who now lives in the USA. 

Unusually, I haven’t heard from A’s family, apart from a message on facebook from his sister-in-law. 

Today, however, I’m not having such a good day.  I’ve been awake since about 4.30, in absolute agony.  I didn’t go to the office, and am not even pretending to work at home.  I’m dosed up on the painkillers and not really very with it.  In a n hour or so, Mum is taking me in to work for 5 minutes, to drop off the cake A made…they’re selling slices of cake for Children in Need. 

Apart from that, today will be about bad television, knitting, playing on the ‘puter, maybe even going back to bed for an hour or two. 

Tonight though, we’ve arranged to go out and meet up with friends at the pub round the corner.  A few people have replied to say they’ll be there, so there’s no getting out of it.  Hopefully I’ll feel better by then!

More Reasons for Cheerfulness

November 8, 2008

Okay, today I’m going to work harder at listing reasons to cheer up and smile…

  1. It’s the weekend
  2. I made it in to the office yesterday, which makes my stay-at-home record this week just 2 out of 5
  3. We are going to Alan and Kat’s for dinner tonight
  4. I can give Kat the socks I made for her and see her smile
  5. I’ve nearly finished Ali’s xmas present socks
  6. This week’s veg box included the first of the new season parsnips…which we both love
  7. mmmm…parsnip chips
  8. The parsnips will soon be followed by turnips, swede, artichokes, sprouts and other winter veg
  9. This coming week will include a butternut squash, which we are planning to roast then stuff with seafood
  10. We have planned most of our xmas presents, now we just have to wait until we have the money to buy them
  11. I should get my payrise in December’s pay…including 6 months backdated money
  12. We saw my Dad twice this week
  13. My Mum went to the hospital to see her surgeon and doesn’t have to go back for a year

I think that’ll do, 13 is a good number to finish on.  Hoorah!  Cheerful indeed!

A Hard Week

November 6, 2008

This hasn’t been a good week, as far as pain and work go.  I had to attend an all day event in Taunton on Monday, which meant leaving home at 7am and not getting back until nearly 6pm.  That shouldn’t be such a big deal, but I was in agony by the time I got home.  Not to mention spaced out from all the painkillers. 

I worked at home on Tuesday, went in to the office on Wednesday and am working at home again today. 

And I’m tired. 

But anyway, doom and gloom aside, here are some positive things:

  1. A lady complimented me on my knitting on the train on Monday.  That has never happened before, plenty of people stare but no-one usually speaks to me.  It was a warm glow sort of moment.
  2. The lady’s friend then rather rudely pointed out that ‘it’s not that difficult you know, you shouldn’t be too impressed’.  Not such a warm glow sort of moment. 
  3. I went to knitting group yesterday and got on with my latest socks (Ali’s Christmas present).
  4. Tomorrow is payday (A’s, not mine).
  5. Tomorrow is also Friday, which is always good.

Hmmm, that doesn’t seem like much.  I’m sure I should be happy about more stuff than that.  Oh well, I’ll give it some thought and come back with more tomorrow.

Another Photo Saturday

November 1, 2008

I know, it’s long overdue.  The problem is, we were planning on buying a wireless printer with built in card reader, so that we can print and transfer digital photos from our camera’s memory card, without having to plug in to the printer upstairs.  Plus, the printer is massive and clunky and the scanner doesn’t really work. 

Anyway, we heard yesterday that A’s job isn’t as secure as we’d thought.  Not secure at all in fact…to the point where he’s started the exhausting job search process.  So unnecessary spending on luxuries like a new printer is totally on hold. 

So here I am, at the old desktop instead of the shiny new laptop.  I’ve taken a load of photos, updated my ravelry projects and stash with all the knitting stuff, and I’ve got a few to share here…

Firstly, here’s Billy:

Did I mention how beautiful he is?

Next, some knitting stuff:

Socks for babies…

…socks for A…

…socks for me…

…and socks for lovely Kat, as a thank you for helping me to untangle yarn for hours.

Then there’s sock yarn:

Yes, that’s 12…count them, 12…balls of Opal Uni sock yarn.  All bought on special offer from the Knitting and Crochet Guild UK. 

Now, back to our holiday in early October:

The view from our caravan…

Me outside a butcher in Braunton (raved about by my Mum)…

And finally, this is a picture of me hugging Iggle Piggle, who is sat in his boat.  For the uninitiated, Iggle Piggle is from In the Night Garden, a really trippy children’s programme which I absolutely love.

Enough photos for now?