Another Photo Saturday

I know, it’s long overdue.  The problem is, we were planning on buying a wireless printer with built in card reader, so that we can print and transfer digital photos from our camera’s memory card, without having to plug in to the printer upstairs.  Plus, the printer is massive and clunky and the scanner doesn’t really work. 

Anyway, we heard yesterday that A’s job isn’t as secure as we’d thought.  Not secure at all in fact…to the point where he’s started the exhausting job search process.  So unnecessary spending on luxuries like a new printer is totally on hold. 

So here I am, at the old desktop instead of the shiny new laptop.  I’ve taken a load of photos, updated my ravelry projects and stash with all the knitting stuff, and I’ve got a few to share here…

Firstly, here’s Billy:

Did I mention how beautiful he is?

Next, some knitting stuff:

Socks for babies…

…socks for A…

…socks for me…

…and socks for lovely Kat, as a thank you for helping me to untangle yarn for hours.

Then there’s sock yarn:

Yes, that’s 12…count them, 12…balls of Opal Uni sock yarn.  All bought on special offer from the Knitting and Crochet Guild UK. 

Now, back to our holiday in early October:

The view from our caravan…

Me outside a butcher in Braunton (raved about by my Mum)…

And finally, this is a picture of me hugging Iggle Piggle, who is sat in his boat.  For the uninitiated, Iggle Piggle is from In the Night Garden, a really trippy children’s programme which I absolutely love.

Enough photos for now?


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