A Hard Week

This hasn’t been a good week, as far as pain and work go.  I had to attend an all day event in Taunton on Monday, which meant leaving home at 7am and not getting back until nearly 6pm.  That shouldn’t be such a big deal, but I was in agony by the time I got home.  Not to mention spaced out from all the painkillers. 

I worked at home on Tuesday, went in to the office on Wednesday and am working at home again today. 

And I’m tired. 

But anyway, doom and gloom aside, here are some positive things:

  1. A lady complimented me on my knitting on the train on Monday.  That has never happened before, plenty of people stare but no-one usually speaks to me.  It was a warm glow sort of moment.
  2. The lady’s friend then rather rudely pointed out that ‘it’s not that difficult you know, you shouldn’t be too impressed’.  Not such a warm glow sort of moment. 
  3. I went to knitting group yesterday and got on with my latest socks (Ali’s Christmas present).
  4. Tomorrow is payday (A’s, not mine).
  5. Tomorrow is also Friday, which is always good.

Hmmm, that doesn’t seem like much.  I’m sure I should be happy about more stuff than that.  Oh well, I’ll give it some thought and come back with more tomorrow.


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