More Reasons for Cheerfulness

Okay, today I’m going to work harder at listing reasons to cheer up and smile…

  1. It’s the weekend
  2. I made it in to the office yesterday, which makes my stay-at-home record this week just 2 out of 5
  3. We are going to Alan and Kat’s for dinner tonight
  4. I can give Kat the socks I made for her and see her smile
  5. I’ve nearly finished Ali’s xmas present socks
  6. This week’s veg box included the first of the new season parsnips…which we both love
  7. mmmm…parsnip chips
  8. The parsnips will soon be followed by turnips, swede, artichokes, sprouts and other winter veg
  9. This coming week will include a butternut squash, which we are planning to roast then stuff with seafood
  10. We have planned most of our xmas presents, now we just have to wait until we have the money to buy them
  11. I should get my payrise in December’s pay…including 6 months backdated money
  12. We saw my Dad twice this week
  13. My Mum went to the hospital to see her surgeon and doesn’t have to go back for a year

I think that’ll do, 13 is a good number to finish on.  Hoorah!  Cheerful indeed!


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