A Happy Birthday and an early morning

Yesterday was my birthday.  I got up and went to work, where I found a card from my friend Theresa in our Plymouth office…complete with two small bars of very dark, very rich chocolate.  What a way to start the day! 

A has been sneaking presents to me for the last two weeks, including a new dressing gown (which I had asked for) and a whole loa dof extras which I hadn’t.  Several DVD’s, a CD, a book, a few more things.  And he still produced a pile of presents on the day, when we both got home from work.  That man is amazing.  He topped it off by baking two cakes – one to take to work – and cooking an enormous roast beef dinner.  Wow. 

My ex sister-in-law came round after collecting our nieces from school, and they stayed for an hour or so.  The girls each ate a massive slice of cake, and a few pieces of fruit as well – hope they didn’t ruin their dinner!  We’ve promised to take Madi out for dinner next weekend, as it’s her birthday today.  Then it’s a nephew’s birthday on Sunday, and another nephew’s a week Sunday.  Busy, busy, busy. 

In the evening yesterday, my baby borther and his wife turned up, with more presents.  I even got phone calls from my Mum, my Dad and my middle brother.  The only one missing was my big bro, who now lives in the USA. 

Unusually, I haven’t heard from A’s family, apart from a message on facebook from his sister-in-law. 

Today, however, I’m not having such a good day.  I’ve been awake since about 4.30, in absolute agony.  I didn’t go to the office, and am not even pretending to work at home.  I’m dosed up on the painkillers and not really very with it.  In a n hour or so, Mum is taking me in to work for 5 minutes, to drop off the cake A made…they’re selling slices of cake for Children in Need. 

Apart from that, today will be about bad television, knitting, playing on the ‘puter, maybe even going back to bed for an hour or two. 

Tonight though, we’ve arranged to go out and meet up with friends at the pub round the corner.  A few people have replied to say they’ll be there, so there’s no getting out of it.  Hopefully I’ll feel better by then!


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