I had an asthma attack at 3 o’clock this morning.  Out of the blue.  I haven’t had an attack for so  many years, I no longer take inhalers regularly and don’t even carry them with me when I go out. 

I didn’t develop asthma until my teens, when it was triggered by a boyfriend who smoked.  I had one or two serious attacks, one while I was at Uni, but have been so stable for the last 5 years or more that I forget I’m even asthmatic.  My doctor finds this exasperating. 

So, at 3am I went from fast asleep to suddenly wide awake and unable to breathe.  It felt like my lungs were full of soup.  That is one seriously scary feeling at that time in the morning, when everything is so quiet, dark and cold.  I didn’t want to wake A up, as he had to be up at 5am for work, so I wandered downstairs, took my inhaler and just sat for a while.  Eventually I went back to bed and lay there reciting my times tables in my head until I went back to sleep.  The times tables thing is simply a distraction to stop me thinking about breathing, otherwise I hyperventilate just because I’m worrying. 

Today I feel ok.  My ribcage feels a little tight, but it has been slowly improving all day.  I dunno where that came from, but it can flippin well go back there! 

I made an extra effort to get to work today, despite the asthma thing, because the big boss-lady was in the office and expecting to see me there.  I took my hot water bottle and made it through to lunchtime, when I brought the car home and caught a bus to meet the knitting group.  Diana from work came along today too, even though it was her birthday.  I’m really enjoying meeting up with a few other knitters/crocheters and having someone to talk to who knows what I’m on about (at least sometimes). 

This is turning into an expensive month, which is unfortunate because it is also a really skint one.  On Monday I took the car to get her tyres checked – two new front tyres and a tracking check needed.  Before the 1st Dec I also have to get her MOT-ed and serviced.  Ouch!  On Saturday we’re taking Madi, our niece, out for dinner as it was her birthday last week.  It was also a nephew’s birthday at the weekend and another nephew’s in the coming weekend. 

That’s before we even start shopping for christmas! 

Wow, do you know I didn’t think I had anything but I’ve already written plenty.  Back to work…more soon.


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