Photo Saturday again

This week, I’ve got a photo-based knitting update…I’ve almost completed the few things I had planned to knit for Christmas, all of them presents.  I’ve got one more pair of socks to make, but am waiting for confirmation of size so can’t start yet.  In the meantime I’m now going back to work on my big brother’s wedding present, which should have been finished in October.  The good news is I have at least finished their Christmas present so I can send them both over to the USA at the same time. 

Here he is, Father Christmas:


And the unfinished cross-stitch:


Next, Christmas presents for my friend from work.  Socks:


And a close-up:


Plus a cat…customised colours to look like her real cat.  I made a similar one last year as a gift, all black to look like her other cat. 


I think that’s all the photos for now.  Tonight we’re off to a restaurant with one of our nieces, to treat her for her birthday.  Tomorrow is a nephew’s birthday.  Apart from that…the weekend is our own!


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